Psychic Senses – A Natural occurrence

Psychic Senses – A Natural occurrence

There are three kinds of people born into this world: the first is the highly sensitive individual that has to learn how to control their psi abilities; the second is the individual who has moments where their psi abilities come and go; the third is the individual with latent abilities who allegedly has no experiences with their psi abilities at all.

The differences between these three are 1) their life purpose; 2) the bloodline by which they came; and 3) their life experiences. These three things will determine the individual level of sensitivity. For the most part, everyone has the ability to be psychic, empathic, clairvoyant, and clairaudient. It then becomes a matter of developing these powers. For the individual who has a spiritual calling on their life, the abilities can sometimes be pretty highly developed already. The person who has parents or grandparents and so on with these abilities, it can also be very strong but underdeveloped. Life experiences vary at many degrees and there are so many different levels where people are developed in one area of psi abilities and underdeveloped in another.

What I find most upsetting is the fact that society has not come to terms with these natural occurrence. Some do not respect it nor take it serious. This makes it difficult for the psychic adept. When the adept is young and learning about the world, they first think that everyone else is having the same experiences. It doesn’t take long before they realize that this is not true. In this moment, it makes the adept feel out of place and like they have no one to talk to about what they are going by. already worse, if the adept had a rough childhood, they will try to shut down their psi abilities so that they can deal with what is going on in their lives. Or they may just want to feel what has been defined as “normal”.

The problem with all of this is that the adept will never feel normal. They just try their best to ignore it. On the flip end, perhaps they try to embrace it. Either way it goes, it is no easy task in learning how to master one’s abilities especially if there is no guidance. And in most situations, there isn’t any guidance. There is just usually a bunch of speculation from outside parties from what they have read or heard, if anything at all and this is if they are not labeling the adept.

If everyone could accept their psi abilities as natural, then more people would be open to developing them. People wouldn’t feel bad for not having them fully developed. I’ve watched several people walk away in disappointment because they couldn’t do what the adept could do. They either don’t want to be around the adept for fear of what they may see or hear; or they want to be around the adept and use them as their personal tool for information.

I ingemination my days of youth, from age 11 and younger I saw auras around people and objects all the time. Well, I thought something was wrong with my vision. It used to frustrate me that I couldn’t see clearly. Everything was a blur of colors and I wanted it to stop. I wanted to see the “normal” way. I never already told anyone because I had no idea what was going on with my site. I had a pretty challenging childhood and I already wasn’t taken serious by family. So there was no way that I was going to talk to them about this. I truly thought something was wrong with me. To make matters more challenging, I am an empath. So during my childhood, I felt things that I didn’t understand and couldn’t clarify. Most feelings I accepted as my own and I lived in a confused state of mind until I turned 29 yr. old. I did not know where I fit in the world and I did not know how to fit in the world. So I just went along with in any case was going on at the time. I was truly on autopilot. Although I would say that being an empath in my youth was by far the most challenging thing I had to master; I definitely believe that hearing spirits and sensing spirits with my ears completely freaked me out. So many people deal with hearing voices. I surprise who is around them talking to them. How many of them are in a long-lasting changed state of consciousness. For me it began as intense “feelings” around my ears (clairsentient). It was the oddest feeling that I had ever experienced. Imagine having someone breathe down the back of your neck. They are not touching you but they are very close and you can feel them and you know they are there without having to turn around. Well it was the same kind of sensation for me only it was around my ears. I used to cry and pray to God to protect me and take away any demons or in any case was around me because I just knew something was out to get me. I had no idea it was Archangel Gabriel. Then a year later while I had been fasting and praying and doing praise and worship to God, something happened. I feel into a thorough sleep and upon awaking, I heard a voice that sounded like the living waters itself. It was Archangel Michael. From then on, I knew God and the angels were very real and my psi abilities were real and nothing was “wrong” with me.

By far the question that I get asked the most from people is “how can I communicate with God and/or my angels?” The answer is always the same. In order for you to see and/or hear in the spiritual realms and communicate with your angels, you must be able to continue the level of vibrational frequency at which they exist. Angels do not live in the 3rd Plane of Existence which is where we are. They vibrate at a much higher frequency. Although they do have the strength to make themselves manifest in this plane if they feel it is necessary. It is possible to see Earth Bound Spirits (ghosts) however, since they used to live on Earth. They can stay in lingo between the 3rd and 4th Planes of Existence. Most Earth bound spirits, entities, sentient beings, and demons vibrate at a low frequency. If you don’t see them, you will definitely feel and hear them.

Often times, people have beliefs on the subconscious level, that they are unaware of. These beliefs can be anything from “psychics are evil” to “I do not have the right to use my psi abilities.” Their can also be past life experiences that are hindering the person from using these abilities. For example, if the individual had a past life experience where they were killed or publicly ridiculed or made an outcast, that would greatly affect their ability to use their psi abilities. already if the individual did energy work and belief work, their psi experience would be inadequate to a certain degree until they remove the trauma and past life experience.

For the person that gets spurts of insights here and there, whether it is by dreams, waking visions, or intuition, you must be able to continue the level of frequency at which the Angels exist. The way this happens is by emotional healing and removing any negative/limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind. We call this self development, self growth, personal healing, and spiritual development. It doesn’t matter what technique you use, just so long as you stay consistent with the work you are doing.

Trust is another important factor. Trust is something that has to grow with the development of intuition. Intuition is directly connected with the enteric nervous system which is in the lining of the gut and considered the second brain of the body. It is however another natural occurrence. We have heard statements such as “trust your gut” or “go with your gut feeling.” And often times when we do so, it turns out to be the right thing.

In order to use these natural abilities, with accuracy, we must clarify what it is we think we are hearing, feeling, and seeing. Communication from the Angels can be very telepathic and come in the form of thoughts. For the clairaudient, they can hear them with the inner ear. For the empath, they will feel the energy shift and their body will respond to the shift either by pulling them in the direction the energy is flowing. It almost feels like someone is taking your body and moving it for you, but it is the energy the body is responding too. They will experience the emotions and beliefs as if it is their own. For the clairvoyant, it is like a television screen opens up and you see and hear the images like you are watching a movie almost. The thing about being a clairvoyant is that sometimes you don’t want to see what it is that is being shown to you. It can be disgusting, scary, gross, or just not of interest.

This is why meditation is such a transformational tool. It helps on many different levels. First, Silent Mind meditation balances one out emotionally. When we are emotional, it is difficult to be rational. One barely stays in their body which disconnects them from their heart. Meditation also grounds and centers a person within their selves, helping them to strengthen their connection to their self and get in touch with what they really feel. It also helps them to discriminate their feelings and beliefs from others. In quieting the mind with meditation, one can hear clearly any communications with angels as meditation puts the individual back in control of their mind and emotions. Usually, the mind and emotions is what is ruling the person as they just create havoc in the person’s life. Meditation gives one back control.

Imagine if you will, having a conversation with one person. Now add another person to that conversation and however another. If three people are talking at the same time then nobody can hear what is being said. Most people are in continued thought. They never cease to think. however some how people think that they can have conversations with their Angels while holding a conversation with their selves! The mind must be quiet. If one keeps changing and shifting their thoughts, they are shifting their consciousness and bringing their awareness to the thing that is on their mind. They are in fact somewhere else and the angels go by a lot to get the attention of people. The most effective thing a person can do to hear their angels speak, is to be quiet and listen. Next, breathe thorough to expand your energy and release energy that is not yours. Then, open your heart chakra and keep doing this until it stays open on its own. How will you know it is closed? Well, a little clue is that you have unresolved issues from your past dealing with relationships, family, and other matters of the heart. If you’re holding grudges and resentments, your heart is closed. If you are holding on to disappointments and regrets, your heart is closed. Anger and discouragement also keep the heart closed.

Having your heart open is the most important thing you will need to do in your life. It is what keeps you connected to God’s love and your ability to feel Love is solely determined by this. Being disconnected from your heart puts you out of touch with your feelings. It is like being lost and not having GPS or a map – you are just feeling your way around, guessing and making all kind of wrong turns. What I would like to say and I feel very sincere about this: instead of focusing on developing psi abilities or any other abilities, focus on developing yourself. If you can commit to healing from past emotional traumas and removing negative and self-sabotaging beliefs, then your heart will open up and the energy will flow right in your body and your God-given gifts will naturally awaken and develop themselves.

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