Real Estate Prices – Skyrocketing Prices are Great?

Real Estate prices for homes, land, and commercial similarities have skyrocketed in the last decade. While I, as a home owner, am very happy to have my character value increase so dramatically, I surprise how our children and grandchildren will buy homes. Today, more than ever, it is very difficult for low and moderate-income families to buy homes.

The New Jersey Association of Realtors has formed a Housing Opportunity Foundation to help provide greater opportunities for home ownership for New Jersey residents. The Foundation donates funds to 501 C (3) organizations who provide education by developing public awareness to create affordable home options for residents of the state.

This problem will not go away by itself. It will take the effort of community leaders, Real Estate Agents and Brokers to make this subject come into the spotlight of discussion. Attend your meetings, make your suggestions to the leaders of your Realtor Associations. Perhaps you can volunteer to acquire more information on the subject, do some research and report back to your leaders.

If your state does not have a program currently, perhaps you could contact the Board of Realtors with your concern and suggestions. I’m glad to see that the New Jersey Realtor Association takes a proactive stance to help residents of the Garden State.

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