Rocky the Gun Slinging Garden Bandit

Rocky the Gun Slinging Garden Bandit

Who is this garden, garbage, grub eating, gun slinging bandit; none other than the raccoon. Paul McCartney and John Lennon while in India wrote the song “Rocky Raccoon”. There are many ideas as to it’s meaning. The Beatles did indicate that the song was to be taken literally. A love triangle gone awry. Like in the old west with the saloons and brothels a gun fight took place leaving a meaningful or possibly mortal wound ; Rocky being at the wrong end of the gun. After seeing the doc he makes his way to his room to retrieve or die.

What parallels can be found in small places such as a song. In our story there is an unavoidable a struggle when attempting to remove or control raccoons from destroying homes, gardens, and the other places these pesky animals care to intrude.

Known for their bandit disguise and easily recognizable striped tail, raccoons have developed a devoted following. Many, naively, satisfy wild raccoons on their porches or make attempts at domesticating this wild animal. Domesticating any wild animal rarely has a popular outcome. It is important to ere on the side of caution than to mix it up with a territorial raccoon. They are vicious.

Though their turn up and resourcefulness appears adorable- awe – raccoons destroy character, roofs, chimneys, eaves, poultry yards and gardens. They are vectors for disease, carrying rabies and a fatal species of round worm. Pets and other animals unprotected to distemper can be exposed. Are they really so cute?

Raccoons do live in urban areas, under homes, in chimneys, open eaves and gutters to name a few. Their meals are abundant. Raccoons forage from trash can to trash can. They destroy urban gardens and fruit trees. One of their favorites seems to be dog and cat food. In these areas exclusion of raccoon dens such as eaves and under homes, is meaningful to control. Trash can should be put away in addition as pet food. Fencing with electrical wire around gardens, trees and other problem areas can be effective against climbing and digging.

Many pest control companies provide live trapping sets. Raccoons can be vicious when retained especially an mother and her kits. Attempting release is dangerous and discouraged. It is not recommended that trapping be done by a non specialized.

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