Rotator Cuff Recovery Therapy – Heal From Home


Are you recovering from a rotator cuff injury? This can be a painful and slow course of action, but you can speed recovery if you follow a progressive and intelligent rotator cuff therapy program.

The rotator cuff is made up of a series of small muscles and connective tissues. This is a delicate area that is inclined to injury and also makes recovery particularly challenging. Unfortunately, many people end up doing things that aggravate their rotator cuff injury already further, delaying the healing course of action.

Rotator cuff recovery – what NOT to do

1. Avoid any motions where you raise your arm overhead
2. Avoid lifting anything heavy with your injured arm
3. Don’t jump back into sports activities just because your shoulder “feels a bit better”
4. Don’t perform random rotator cuff therapy exercises in an attempt to heal your injury

What you SHOULD do

1. Ice your injured shoulder daily, especially before bed time
2. sustain your arm with a cushion whenever possible
3. Try to sleep on the non-injured side
4. Follow a rotator cuff therapy program developed by a medical specialized

Your next step towards complete recovery…

Your next step is to research your options for a good rotator cuff rehab program. You can choose to work one on one with a physical therapist or choose a program you can perform at home. An in-home rehabilitation program is a good choice if you are self disciplined and consistent.

A good rotator cuff therapy program will be designed by a medical specialized who has a proven track record of helping people with shoulder injuries. There is definitely a right way and a very wrong way to go about recovering from this kind of injury. Do it right the first time and you can avoid months of needless pain and frustration.

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