Scents and Responsibilties

Madison method would have us believe that our pets – our dogs, our cats, our lizards, our snakes – are almost as human as we are. Americans pamper their critters. We give our animals fluffy beds to rest on. We give them silver bowls to eat and drink from. We clip them and snip them, perfume and parade them as if they were our very own offspring.

The problem with this is…animals are not human or our offspring. They are not our children. They are, however, our companions and as such our responsibility. nevertheless, for the sake of argument lets examine cats and dogs for a moment that are, not our pets, not our companions, but are rather just cats and dogs.

If you were to take Madison method seriously, you would recognize how every brand of pet food for cats and dogs is not marketed to the tastes of little Snoopy or little Garfield. They are marketed to the tastes of the human consumer. We buy food for our pets based on the way it looks to us.

Do you really think cats care about whether their seafood medley is served under glass or in a silver bowl? What about dogs? Have you ever met a dog who raced to wash up for supper or who chewed with his mouth closed…if already he chewed at all. It is mostly just slurp and burp.

Cats and dogs in the wild are predators. According to a recent article published in much of the instinctive behavior of cats and dogs remains intact despite centuries of domestication. However, statistics have also proved that cats who are raised in a human ecosystem, urban or rural, and then are abandoned are better at fending for themselves, closest, than dogs.

According to Parade Magazine, a pet dog will chase a squirrel or another animal and truly corner it but will be confused about what to do once the quarry is cornered. There is no such argue with cats. If your pet cat, all pampered and sweet, corners a bird or another creature…it will go in for the kill. Recent health reports from the University of Nebraska have cited, domestic cats and wild cats alike are responsible for the killing of nearly 480 million birds each year in the United States alone.

People are known to cringe in shock when these statistics are proved. It is impossible to imagine that little fluff ball purring in your lap is potentially a stoned cold killer. Or the little woofer who plays catch with you every afternoon might try to catch you if he were ever to get too hungry.

We all want to believe our animals are just like us. Peace loving, well mannered and human. Lets be glad they are not. The dominant protein resource for most canine and feline creatures in the wild comes from animal prey. Not tofu or soya products. This is characters efficient way to continue balance in the wild. Canines and feline animals in the wild help ensure the health and strength of prey animal stocks by weeding out the ineffective or sick animals.

The postulate of humane animal control must always be grounded in a respect for all animal life. Ultimately, it boils down to scents and sensibility. Sensibly, it is not expected for cats to eat with a knife and fork or dogs to chew with their mouths closed.

Try to remember that, and no matter how hard we want them to be, wild animals, domestic animals and already our beloved pets are not human. nevertheless, it remains our responsibility to always include them humanely. And across the board and in spite of of whether the animal is wild or tamed, domestic or wild if we can do this…then in time it will help humans to become humans being better.

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