Scottish Colourists paintings set to raise over £500,000 for charity

HISTORIC Scots paintings are expected to raise over half a million pounds for charity.

An auction is set to take place for the four paintings crafted by Samuel Peploe and Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell at Bonhams in Edinburgh on Thursday.

The paintings were crafted during the 1920’s and 1930’s by Peploe and Cadell, two of the four renowned Scottish Colourists, and are expected to collectively sell at over £650,000.

The four Scottish Colourists were a selection of painters distinguished in style by their colourful creations influenced by time spent in France and current movements.

Cadell’s nevertheless Life with Ranunculus is up for auction, in sustain of Cadell’s nevertheless Life with Oranges, Lemons and an Apple is up for auction, in sustain of Médecins Sans Frontières.

Peploe’s nevertheless Life with Geranium will be on offer at Bonhams’ annual Scottish Sale, with the expected £250,000 price tag being donated to the charity Amnesty International.

Peploe’s Red Rose is also expected to go for a further £100,000-150,000, potentially forming a combined total of £400,000 for the charity.

Cadell’s work will be raising funds for Médecins Sans Frontières with his nevertheless Life with Oranges, Lemons and an Apple and his nevertheless Life with Ranunculus are being auctioned for £100,000-150,000 each.

May Matthews, Bonhams’ Scottish Art specialist said: “These are four wonderful archetypal Colourist paintings.

Cadell’s nevertheless Life with Oranges, Lemons and an Apple is up for auction, in sustain of Médecins Sans Frontières.

“Peploe’s nevertheless Life with Geranium, in particular, is an important and scarce example of his rare and distinctive style, as he broke away from tradition to occupy a position at the spotlight of Modernism in Britain.”

She continued: “It is suffused with his identifying characteristics use of colour; bold, dominant tones, encased with distinctive black outlines, inspired by his time living in Paris in the early 1910s.”

Describing Cadell, she additional that he “can lay claim to be the most elegant of the Colourists”, which is “epitomised by nevertheless Life with Ranunculus”.

From left to right: Peploe’s Red Rose and nevertheless Life with Geranium, which are being auctioned to sustain Amnesty International.

She said: “The emotional crop of the painting creates a highly modernist aesthetic and the overall effect of this daringly simplified nevertheless life is one of sophistication and elegance.

“It is a privilege to be offering such masterpieces in aid of two very worthwhile causes and we are expecting a lot of interest.”

An exhibition of the works is opening to the public on October 9 and running until October 14, at Bonhams, 22 Queen Street, Edinburgh.


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