Security of Buying Real Estate in Belize

We are always asked why Belize Real Estate is a obtain investment than in other countries. It is quite simple by saying that unlike other countries where the value of real estate is affected by current market trends, real estate in Belize maintains its market value and are sold at those values. Not just so, compared to other Caribbean countries, real estate in Belize is sold cheaper. Despite the current global economic conditions, Belize remains to be the main interest for investors and retirees. San Pedro Ambergris Caye for example, continues to be the number one hotspot with continued development taking place on the northern part of the island. One cannot forget to take into account other parts of the country such as Corozal, in the Northern part of Belize where travelers from Europe, USA, and Canada go into our country via Mexico in search of Seafront similarities that are easily easy to reach by road.

On the western part of the country San Ignacio is the second largest town in the country where there is a high quantity of tourist traffic. Majority of the tourists that go to visit San Ignacio end up falling in love with the countryside, that they end up investing in real estate, whether it may be a acreages, riverside or mountain top. When investing in Belize Real estate and planning on retirement, many can be assured that there is a retirement program that is obtainable to them. Incentives that are granted to these retirees are exemption on import duties on all personal belongings such as furniture, automobiles, boats and RVs when moving into the country. Many retirees have fallen under the impression that under the retirement act, they are not entitled to work. Not so, you are eligible to work.

Placencia is also one of the fastest growing areas for real estate purchasing by foreigners, mainly Americans and Canadians. There are nevertheless reasonable prices for residential beach and main road similarities. Besides Placencia having a newly built twenty-six mile road, it is also presently building the second International Airport in the country.

Recently there has been an increasing need for high end, fully furnished residences for foreigners who frequent the country and stay anywhere from two months to a year. An investment in a high end apartment building is sure to be a obtain investment in Belize City or San Pedro Ambergris Caye.

So whether your interest is in the mainland or on the islands of Belize, you can be sure that for the dollar that is paid on any piece of Belize real estate, the value of the character is not to decline. More so, the values of character in Belize are increasing in value on a yearly basis.

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