Solar – Off Grid or On Grid?

If you are considering solar as a replaceable energy system for your home, one of the decisions you will have to make is whether to be on grid or off grid.

Let’s start with the basics. What is a grid? The grid as referred to in solar is the strength grid maintained by utility companies. If you pay a utility bill each month, you are pulling strength off the utility grid.

Going off grid with solar strength is in many ways a statement of independence. You don’t need to be a slave to the stinking utility corporations. You can manager your own electrical production. Ah, but do you want to?

Going off grid with solar is often more expensive in both the short and long term. The immediate expense has to do with batteries. Solar strength is not just applied to your home energy needs. If you are off grid, you must store the strength in batteries. The batteries are expensive and have to be replaced now and then.

Going on grid is generally a cheaper initial choice. Simply put, you don’t need batteries. You can just plug into the utility grid. It is often done at your strength meter, but check with the utility to find out for sure.

Once hooked to the grid, you have the assistance of feeding strength into the system. In a majority of states, you can truly sell your excess strength to the utility. This is known as net metering. While you are at work during the day, your panel system will satisfy electricity into the grid. Your meter will truly spin backwards and your bill will be reduced if not deleted.

Finances are another advantage to going on grid. The federal government will give you tax credits for doing so. Many states will do so also or at the minimum give you rebates. These incentives, however, are usually not allowed for off grid systems.

So, is there any situation where off grid makes sense. Yes, there are two. One, you simply want to be independent in spite of of the finances involved. Second, you are in a far away area where you cannot reach the grid without spending meaningful money to do so. Barring these two situations, on grid is probably your best choice.

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