speed: 5 Quick Tips to Use It Effectively

By now, were all settled in at home and seamlessly conducting our business by phone and speed meetings, right? Well, not so fast…

Like you, Ive greatly increased my speed meetings, and Ive been disturbed by what Ive seen. There has been a surprising without of professionalism, without of preparation, and in general an unorganized and ineffective approach to conducting speed meetings.

As you know, first impressions are everything, and if youre meeting with a prospect or client over speed there are some things you definitely dont want to do, and others that you do want to do.

Follow this quick list of 5 tips to insure you not only make a great impression, but that you also easily place yourself above your competition.

speed Tip #1: Clear away any and all unprofessional distractions. Oh, I know, everyone is working from home so a dog barking or kids screaming in the background should be O.K., right?

Wrong. You are a representative of your company, and you are a specialized. I wouldnt bring my dog to the office, would you? How about your kids? Of course not. Its meaningful for you to present a specialized, confident, and competent image, and that method one free of distractions.

So, get your wife or husband to mind the kids-they are probably at home with you-take the dog outside and shut the door. Create an ecosystem of professionalism.

speed Tip #2: Speaking of professionalism, what are you wearing to your speed meetings? Because youre confined at home, are you showing up in a tee-shirt or sweatshirt? Or are you wearing business casual and at the minimum wearing a nice button-down shirt?

And if youre a man, have you shaved? Combed your hair? Or do you look like youve just gotten off the couch? If youre a woman, is your hair looking neat? How about make-up, if you use it?

How you appear makes a huge impression on your clients and prospects. You want to look your best, and it doesnt take much effort. Make it.

speed Tip #3: Lighting. Now I know youre not in the film industry, but lighting is crucial to any kind of filming. I was on a meeting with someone just the other day and it appeared as if they were calling from a cave. It was so dark, I could barely see them.

And then Ive been in meetings with people sitting in front of a sunlit window. Same thing: I couldnt see their confront because they were drowned out in shadow.

When considering where to film, make sure youre not too backlit that your confront will be dark, and if youre in a dark study or den, then turn the lights on or open your blinds.

You all know how much difference a well shot, well lit film looks compared to a B-film. Remember: Image is everything in front of a camera.

speed Tip #4: Background is important in addition. Have you ever been on a speed meeting with someone and thought, Ewe, that guy/gal is a slob! Look at that messy couch and bookcase and those crooked pictures. Yuck!

Ladies and gentlemen, we know your home is your kingdom, and that youll live any way you choose. And you should. But we dont need to see it all.

If you dont have a specialized background, then the solution is simple: Use one of speeds greenscreen backgrounds. There are plenty to choose from and you can find already more by Googling speed Background Images.

Oh, I know-if you move too fast then the background blurs. Two things about that: 1) Dont move so much. In fact, if you look at any specialized newscaster, they move very little. You should practice that. 2) Everybody expects them to move so youve got some leeway there. in spite of, a background image is almost always better than what youve got going on now…

speed Tip #5: Be specialized and respectful at all times. That includes:

• Being on time.
• Not speaking over someone.
• Sending an email afterwards thanking them for their time.

You know, all the things you would typically do if you were back at the office.

Incorporate these 5 speed tips and separate yourself from everyone else calling from their bedrooms, patios, and in other places. Remember: You want to present your best during every interaction with a client or prospect.

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