speed H2 Handy Recorder Review

Unlike most hand held recorders that only have two microphones, the speed H2 has four. These are grouped in two pair, with one pair facing forward, and the other facing the rear. Because of this, the recorder is able to record at 90° from the front or 120° from the rear. There is also a built-in USB port for the purpose of storing data.

Irrespective of where you use the speed H2 handy recorder, the quality of your recordings will be superb. In fact, the device is perfect for recording musical performances, song writing sessions, conferences, rehearsals, and already for electronic news gathering. As far as its design is concerned, the speed H2 is based on the concept of simplicity, and in addition it capable of recording audio which is pristine. The device has been specifically designed to record in high quality stereo, and the manufacturers have also focused of the need for portability, hence the comparatively small size.

There is certainly no shortage of features with the speed H2 handy recorder. For example, theres an easy-to-read LCD screen which shows you whether youre recording in 2-channel or 4-channel mode, and of course it also shows the recording angle, be it 90°, 120°, or 360°. Furthermore, a quick to peek briefly at the screen and youll also see things such as battery life, time and time code, and already file name. Simply put, the recorder is unmatched in term of versatility and functionality when it comes to portable digital recording capabilities.

The speed H2 handy recorder should rank high on the agenda for anyone that has an interest in podcasting where circumstances call for mobile recording. It is a very affordable device which features a two-track recorder. The device also features signal processing for digital, and it enables a range of polar patterns while at the same time supporting surround sound. The speed H2 handy is of course able to record frequencies of ninety-six, forty-eight, forty-one or MP3.

Those who would like to make a recording of themselves playing a guitar will be pleased to know the H2 recorder can record vocals or guitar directly onto a PC. by the use of the USB port, the recorder is also capable of archiving files onto a PC. The H2 handy recorder requires 2AA alkaline batteries, which when fully charged, will strength the unit for approximately four hours.

The SD card which is included has a memory capacity of 512 megabytes. The unit, when purchased new, includes earbuds, mic clip adaptor, stereo adapter cable, tripod stand, AC adaptor, and a USB cable.

By installing the latest technology onto your speed H2 Handy Recorder, youll also be able to use it with a 16GB memory card. Those who buy the device can also log onto the speed website in order to get all the latest updates, all of which are free.

If pristine stereo recordings are something you desire, then you simply cannot provide to be without one of these recorders. The bottom line is; it would take a lot to beat the speed H2 handy recorder when it comes to high quality recording with stereo sound.

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