Texas DWI Defense Attorneys Assist Texas Residents in DWI situations

Texas DWI Defense Attorneys Assist Texas Residents in DWI situations

2004 saw nearly 100,000 drunk-driving arrests in the state of Texas-basically, one for every 230 Texas residents. Although operating a means while under the influence is certainly a grave offense, everyone deserves legal defense under the law, and no one should pay time or money for a crime they didn’t commit.

Although the legal limit in Texas is 0.08 BAC (blood alcohol content), drivers can nevertheless be pulled over for DWI already if their BAC falls within the legal limit if their driving appears to be impaired by drugs or alcohol. In the event that you find yourself pulled over for driving while intoxicated, the roadside breath test is voluntary, and it is never in your best interest to submit to a roadside breathalyzer test; if you submitted to the breath test, however, fret not-there are several authentic defenses that can be used to impugn the results of a roadside breath test.

The same goes for breath, blood, or alcohol tests after booking. Never submit to an alcohol test of any kind until you’ve spoken with an attorney qualified to mount a DWI defense in the state of Texas.

The most important thing to remember is this: never, ever let in to guilt or discuss the case until you’ve spoken with a qualified DWI attorney. The dominant aim of a DWI defense attorney is to get the charges dropped; if that proves impossible, the secondary goal is to find a way for you to retain your driver’s license-your lifeline to gainful employment. Both of these goals can be jeopardized by admitting guilt, submitting to alcohol test, or spending time discussing the charges with arresting or booking officers.

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