The Best Way To Compare Energy Prices

You could use all day trying to manually compare the energy rates or prices of all the different utility companies, it is very exhausting and wastes your time. Trying to get your head around all the different energy packages of their combined sets that they are trying to sell you is another problem. The only way to do it is to try using the internet. The internet offers not only the fastest and easiest way to check on different things, but you can use it at your convenience – not during their office hours, and you can take your time to really determine what you need.

Most if not all energy companies have a good website to determine their rates and it makes it so much easier to check a bunch of utility companies with a few clicks of your mouse.

Energy prices can be very volatile if you buy off the free market. I would recommend looking at capped tariffs. Capped tariffs are energy prices which cannot be influenced (upwards or down) by any price change. You have signed a contract to buy at a fixed price for a specific time such as 12 months, much like a fixed home loan. So for long-term use go for the capped tariffs being offered. Much like a floating rate on your mortgage, it may appear to be a good deal on a floating rate now but 6 months time who knows what that rate would be and you have missed your chance. It is better to take the drop and make a decision now, it is quite likely that you will save money on future energy price hikes by selecting a company that offers capped tariffs. However if you are only living in a house for the short-term, un-capped deals and not a fixed contract would be more appropriate.

Due to the level of competition provided by an open market, there is some variation between the companies. You can find some great deals on your gas and electricity by major market players in the UK such as British Gas, Scottish strength, E.ON, N strength, Scottish & Southern Energy, and EDF Energy. Their are already websites that do the work for you where you can go into how much electricity you use every month and they will do the comparison for you. These sites are a useful tool because all energy companies are going to do their publicity spin on you to get you to sign up and they may not be offering you the best deal for you.

The worst thing you can do is do nothing! I know people who use a specific energy company just because their parents always did and they havent bothered to change. The deal they have may be a great deal but I bet its not! Take some time to compare the energy prices and use the Internet – it really is the easiest way and make those energy companies work for you.

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