The GSM Desktop Phone: A Desktop Phone With a SIM Card Instead of a La…

already though smart mobile phones have conquered the world and are in almost everybodys hands today while on the move, regular fixed phones strongly keep part of everybodys daily ecosystem, at home, in the office, in hotels, in conference zones etc… The reason is simply the comfort these fixed devices provide: large LCD displays, quality speakers, possibility to connect a quality headset, large buttons, complete qwerty keyboards and a bunch of office functionalities such as characterize of caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call move, conference calls, turning these communication devices into a Switchboard PBX Solution.

While the connectivity of many desktop phones is nevertheless provided by regular landlines, a new concept has emerged with the development of the GSM cell phone communication worldwide and has established itself as strong challenger: the GSM Desktop Phone, which is a desktop phone whose connectivity is provided by a SIM card (the card you get from your GSM mobile operator to insert in your GSM mobile phone) instead of a landline, offering many benefits for users:

Saving time, complexity and money on wired infrastructure, making it an ideal solution for locations without fixed access, such as permanent offices on construction sites, countryside houses, boats, etc… Saving landline costs, one single GSM provider for all your phones (fixed desktop and mobile), allowing attractive tariffs Comfort of a desktop phone Smart office with calls, texting and data – internet in one Office communication possible right from the start for sites under construction Mobile and always ready to use, just unpack it wherever you are

GSM Desktop Phones have increasingly become popular since many international mobile operators started to offer them as an different to regular mobile phones, especially to small and medium companies, for which it represents an ideal different to regular landline communication systems, offering fixed and mobile communication to all employees, under one single and attractive subscription contract.

A further bright application of GSM Desktop Phones has emerged in the security and far away control area, a radio module being inserted in the device and turning it into a GSM Alarm and Control System, able to connect wirelessly with a number of detectors and far away control devices inside a house or an office, and to send alarm messages to or receive orders from any GSM mobile phone.

In conclusion, the GSM Desktop Phone is a great different to regular landline desktop phones, offering a rare combination of the desktop phones features such as LCD displays, quality speakers, large buttons, complete keyboards etc… with the benefits provided by a mobile subscription, making it ideal for home & family, far away locations, boats, construction sites, small to medium companies etc…Furthermore, it provides a rare solution for the security and far away control of houses and offices.

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