The History of Air Source Heat Pumps

The air source heat pumps conception resulted from the invention of air conditioning units. It was Willis Carrier, a mechanical engineering graduate who initially came up with the first drawings for an air conditioning unit in 1902. In 1914 Willis Carrier lost his job due to cut backs as World War 1 began. It was than that Carrier and seven fellow mechanical engineers set up their own company, the Carrier Engineering Corporation

The air conditioning units employed a refrigeration cycle in order to produce cooler air, consequently de-humidifying and cooling the ecosystem. Air source pumps adopt a similar course of action in reverse, consequently emitting heat instead of cooler air into the ecosystem.

Theses pumpa are more commonly used in milder climates where temperatures are more consistent although there have been recent developments as in 2007 an Oklahoma inventor developed an ait to air heap pump defrosting system, allowing for their use in colder climates.

There are now many companies producing these heating machines such as the Mitsubishi Ecodan heat pump. Heat pumps also come in numerous sizes and strength variations now meaning that there are models to fit several sizes of household or already for corporate use.

In recent years, due to natural depleting natural resources, many people are looking for greener home heating solutions. There are many options obtainable on the market, but in European countries the air source pump has been favoured. appropriate to the most climates now the air source heat pump systems are fitted to the exterior of the residence and can provide up to a 40% saving on energy bills, 50% reduced carbon footprint and increased energy efficiency.

Although comparatively new within the UK market, there is a huge adoption in Europe, 300,000 units were sold in Germany and France in 2008 alone. With the large environmental and monetary benefits it is expected that air source heat pumps will become more widely used throughout the UK. To find out more about the Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat system please visit the Green Air Central Heating website for more information.

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