The Home Business the Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know About

On October 30, 2012, Maritza Roman, a petite 27-year-old single mom of two young girls, thought she had weathered the biggest storm she had ever lived by, Super Storm Sandy. truly, Maritza had managed to avoid any major damage to her home, as Sandy barreled by the state devastating thousands of homes in New Jersey.

However, after the dust had settled, Maritza did notice a wet identify on her dining room ceiling. Upon further inspection of the homes exterior, it was apparent that the home had consistent some roof damage. Doing the only thing she knew to do, a call to her insurance company was placed. And so, the insurance claims course of action began.

A week later a company claims adjuster inspects the home. Three to four weeks later an insurance settlement letter and check arrives. To Maritzas surprise, the letter notifies her that the claims adjuster detailed his findings to include the substitute of five missing roof shingles, for a total cost of $1058. Since her policy had a $1000 deductible, all she was awarded in the settlement was a $58 check.

Initially, Maritza accepted the settlement. That is until she went out searching for a roofing company to fix the damage. Ms. Roman states, No one would do a uncompletely repair. They wouldnt guarantee a uncompletely fix. Each company said that in order to properly fix the roof all the shingles on the complete sloop would need to be replaced. No company would do the work unless I agreed to repair the roof properly, which meant replacing all the shingles, not just the five missing ones.

After a few frustrating months of going back and forth with her insurance company, Maritza finally employed the sets of a Public Adjuster.

What are Public Adjusters?

Public adjusters are advocates for home and business owners in the insurance claims course of action. They are trained to precisely interpret the insurance policy, and by so doing, represent the home owners best interest in the settlement of the claim. Many times, this representation amounts to thousands of dollars in favor of the home or business owner.

Art Latannzi, a Cherry Hill New Jersey Public Adjuster, clarifies by saying, An insurance Claims Adjuster is working on behalf of the insurance company. Typically, they are looking to minimize what is being paid out. A Public Adjuster is working to represent and protect the rights of the home owner. There is a huge difference in the outcome of a settlement when a Public Adjuster is used.

Public Adjuster Career

Public Adjusting is a lucrative career that can easily be worked from home. Michael Martinez, top industry trainer and owner of the largest industry specific channel on YouTube (find it by searching YouTube keyword NJ Public Adjuster), encourages people by saying, The Public Adjuster Career is the best kept secret in America. There are very few careers where you can make a great income, truly help people, and do it with minimal time expenditure. Thats what makes this such a great opportunity.

Mr. Martinez states,The biggest task of Adjusters is to educate people on their rights. Unfortunately, most home and business owners dont know that they can, and clearly should have someone representing their rights in situations such as these. Tragically, many dont already know that we already exist. In fact, in 2016 over 5 million home insurance claims were placed in the US. Of those, less than 5% were represented by Public Adjusters. That tell us that most home owners were at the mercy of their insurance companies. This is what makes this such a great entrepreneurial opportunity.

Returning to the claim placed by Maritza Roman, when she hired a Public Adjuster and the claim was reopened, she received a new settlement of over $9700. That same claim was originally settled by the insurance company for $58. A important difference when you have representation. That is what makes being a Public Adjuster a valuable service.

For those that may see an opportunity, getting involved in this career, your major focus should be in helping home owners. This is the meaningful to unlocking a lucrative income from home.

We are currently looking to aim people in the following states: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana and Colorado.

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