The Importance of Electricity

The Importance of Electricity

Electricity is important to the world. Fans, light bulbs, televisions, ovens, air-conditioners… All of these cannot function without electricity. So, as you can see, electricity is very important to the world. But before I can tell you about electricity, you must what is it. And you must know about energy, and the (famous) inventor who invented the light bulb. Then, electricity. Finally… electricity’s advantages & disadvantages.

ENERGY- Conductors and insulators.

Energy is found everywhere (and I really average everywhere). Well, you can’t see energy, but it is around. Reading this article uses energy, too. Well, I won’t be talking about contracting and expanding and all that stuff (find it in another article). I will be talking about conductors and insulators.

Ok. First, conductors of electricity average that it attracts electricity. Insulators are exactly the opposite. Metal is a good conductor of electricity while plastic is an insulator.

Thomas A. Edison

Invention of the lightbulb

Now, electricity is…Whoops, truly, step 2 is: Who invented the lightbulb. There are many inventors in the world. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning conductor. The Wright brothers invented the aeroplane. No, no, no. I am NOT concentrating on them. Thomas Alva Edison is a very famous inventor. He invented the lightbulb, and yes, that is the one I am looking for.

The lightbulb consists of the filament, which is for the bulb to light up. Correct, if the filament is taken away, then the bulb would not light up.

Now you know about electricity, you’re going to learn how electricity is made. Number two… Oh, yes! The advantages and disadvantages of electricity.

How is electricity made?

Ha ha, I hear you say. Electricity can’t be made. Well, almost correct. No, 0 percent correct.

Huh? Then how is electricity made? I’m sure you’re asking that. You’ll learn right now.

Electricity is a half-natural half-man-made thing. You might not know, but electricity is made from crude oil. That’s the main ‘ingredient’. Ha ha. Wrong again. That’s the only ingredient. OK, I must give myself 10%/100%. Why? Well, it is simply because you don’t cook electricity! Well, you want to know the answer? You BURN crude oil! Did you think of that?

Advantages and Disadvantages

I’m sure you know the advantages of electricity. They help many things to function. As I have mentioned earlier, Fans, light bulbs, televisions, ovens, air-conditioners and many other things cannot function without electricity.

But I don’t think you know much about the disadvantages of electricity. As you know, electricity is made by burning crude oil. But crude oil is a limited resource. This method that it may run out in the future. If we don’t use electricity wisely, there might not be any electricity in the future.

Another disadvantage is that because it is made by burning crude oil, it causes pollution to the ecosystem, also at the same time increasing the speed of global.

Now after this article, I guess you wanted to save electricity and use it wisely. Well, you should, and prevent global warming in the future!

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