The lasting character of Love

The lasting character of Love

Love Endures and we are reminded of this idea during this month of February, when Valentines Day is famous.. Now- a- days, people buy cards and send e-greetings to their beloveds. But long ago, people expressed their love via post or letters delivered on horseback.No telephones, Internet and mass media were utilized to convey the message from one lovers heart to another. I adore the old romantic movies from early US history, where letters are hand crafted with delicate calligraphy to express the heartfelt passion of the lovers heart.The letters are then carefully sealed with wax and given to an entrusted delivery person or mail service to ensure that their beloved, however near or far away will receive it. Upon receipt of the letter, that may have taken weeks or months to arrive,the cherished recipient opens it, and is reminded that love endures by time and distance.

How very different this delayed gratification is, from the immediacy of sending a text, email or Instagram post as we do nowadays.With technology so highly progressive,one can reach out to many people at one time and express their love and they can voice their love many times a day to one or numerous friends and lovers near and far. Also,there is no need to wait for a response, as in days gone by, instead one can receive immediate feedback that their loved ones care for them. But perhaps this moment gratification of love expressed virtually has outweighed the benefits of love that is grown slowly and held closely to ones heart over time and space.

I imagine that years ago, before mass communication was obtainable,that love was more tenderly cherished and expressions of love, although more infrequent, were possibly more genuine.The innocence of love that endures over time without the continued need for a barrage of proof that comes from texts, calls, emails and Instagrams that one is loved is a special gift. Consider the friend whom you havent heard from in many years, who suddenly resurfaces in your life( maybe from a Facebook search) Upon reconnecting with one another,the love that was there may be immediately reignited and a bond that was formed eons ago can come to life again.This is proof that love endures by time and doesnt diminish because of without of contact. remember that just because you have not heard from someone in a while, that does not average that they dont love you.

Perhaps you have been lucky enough to connect with a person who feels incredibly familiar to you upon first meeting them. You may have a sense of loving them automatically. This could possibly be a divine union that began in another lifetime, only to be continued in this time and space.When true love is present, the strength of that great force can transcend all physical limitations.This applies to our loved ones that have moved on to the other side of life in addition. Their love is nevertheless easy to reach to us. True love endures ceaselessly.

During this Valentines month, look thorough within your heart and see if there is someone you could reach out to and express your love for them, already though time may have passed since your last encounter. You just might be pleasantly surprised to discover that love endures by time and space.

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