The Lucky Charms of Networking

Serious networkers take the time to prepare for every event. Planning for events takes time, commitment and focus from the business specialized. Professionals focus on their desired outcomes in hopes of reaching their business or social endeavors. And ideally try to be detail oriented and strategic in implementing their networking plans. But a tiny percentage of networking involves sheer luck. Sometimes your best client, a profitable rule or advantageous contact can be reached by being at the right place at the right time. What tools can professionals use to gain the most out of every networking experience? How can professionals promote a series of successful networking events?

List below are tips that business professionals, students and entrepreneurs can use during networking events to help enhance their networking experiences.

Lucky Charm #1: Business Cards

It might seem foolish, but having business cards for networking events can be a specialized’s ticket to big success. Besides being able to connect quickly with others, the business card is a representation of the specialized. The card contributes your company image and brand. It is important that professionals have neat, clear and specialized business cards. Professionals can use their business cards as an extension of their brand and connect with their business counterparts. Many organizations hosting networking events will ask for business cards for raffle drawings for prizes or to be on their mailing list for future networking events and opportunities.

Lucky Charm #2: Guest or Fellow Colleague

Networking can be very difficult, so inviting a friend or colleague to events is a great way to release networking tension and increase your networking sphere. You can use your guest or colleague as a medium of introducing and meeting people at the event. It is an act of kindness that has many hidden rewards. By promoting your guest/colleague, you are able to later promote yourself and business without appearing pushy or over bearing. A great example is introducing your guest or colleague to another business specialized at the event. After the initial introduction, you can play as the mediator and ease conversation. This gives you an opportunity to learn about everyone and find ways to connect within a bigger course of action.

Lucky Charm #3: The Follow Up

Believe it or not, your success manifest after the networking event. Following up and initiating business is very important in networking. It gives you an opportunity to explain your company, business, product or brand in more detail. It can be difficult trying to explain all the dynamics of your business or profession during the networking event which is usually the initial meeting/greeting. Giving the other person an opportunity to visit your website, read over your materials or receive an email newsletter will have a stronger and more profitable impact.

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