The Lung Cancer Spread to the Brain

Brain metastasis refers to when a cancer has extended to the brain from another location in the body, most usually the lung or breast. There could be one or more than one metastases to the brain, and the cancer can go to different areas of the brain.

dominant lung tumors represent 50% of all metastatic brain tumors. Lung cancer is the most extensive origin of metastatic disease. Of patients of cancer of lung who survive for more than 2 years, 80% will get brain metastases.

The average time interval between the diagnosis of dominant lung tumor and brain metastases is 4 months. Fascinatingly, small cell carcinomas, which are simply 20% of all cancers of lung, explain 50% of brain metastases from the cancer. In a retrospective study, 6.8% of the first cancer reappearance was in the brain.

Metastatic illness from the breast, renal cells, thyroid, and colon are more generally found as a single metastatic lesion, while metastatic illness from lung cancer and melanoma are more generally found to be multiple lesions. Testicular tumor is a scarce cancer and however it more often metastasizes to the brain as compared with cancer of lung.

Lung cancer may also pass by the bloodstream to other areas of the body, most generally the liver, adrenal glands, brain, spinal cord, or bones. The spread of cancer of lung may happen early during disease, particularly with small cell lung cancer. Symptoms-for example headache, seizures, confusion, and bone pain-may grow before any lung problems become apparent, making an early diagnosis more difficult.

If cancerous cells break away from the original tumor, travel, and develop within other body areas such as the brain, the time of action is known as metastasis. People with metastatic brain tumors have different options of treatment. The treatment depends essentially on where the cancer begun.

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