The Myth of Unlimited Hosting Plans


If you’ve been comparing hosts, you are bound to have noticed advertising pages proclaiming “unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited disk space” or maybe already other “unlimited” features.

While “unlimited” certainly sounds inviting, customers should be aware of what it really method.

The term “unlimited” is a marketing tactic used by hosts to stay competitive in the fiercely competitive web hosting market. While misleading in a sense, in the current climate it’s at the minimum understandable, if not forgivable.

But what does the term “unlimited” really average? And how does it apply to you?

In practice, few (if any) web hosting companies could deliver a truly unlimited service if all their customers simultaneously started using their accounts to complete capacity. In practice this is doubtful to happen as very few customers truly utilize anywhere near this much.

The term “unlimited” is 100% marketing hype, pure and simple.

My advice is to just accept it for what it is and do not base any purchasing decision on the fact that a service is or isn’t “unlimited”. Almost all modern day web hosting sets will offer the same thing.

More applicable points of comparison are a great number’s reliability and level of sustain.

Just ensure you read the fine print before getting lured into such plans and be cautious of clauses where the company will raise their prices when a certain level of traffic is reached, or already shut down a site thoroughly. If you are unsure, it is perfectly permissible to get in contact with a representative of the web hosting service and inquire about it directly.

Always view “unlimited” hosting plans with a healthy measure of skepticism. In the web hosting world there is no such thing as “unlimited bandwidth” or “unlimited disk space” or already “100% uptime”.

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