The National Debt Counter

The National Debt Counter

The national debt counter, which is also known as the debt clock, is a characterize about the size of a billboard bearing a resemblance to a digital clock that keeps a running total that is regularly updating the current state of the United States gross debt in addition as each family in the United States proportion of that debt. Youll find this characterize on Sixth method in Manhattan in New York City.

Seymour Durst is the mind behind the counter as this real estate developer wanted to bring to light the rising amount of the United States national debt. The first installation of the national debt counter was financed by Durst and installed on 42nd street, which is close to Times Square in New York. It was during that time that the United States national debt was under three trillion but it was going higher. During the period of 2000 – 2002, the clock was turned off as the national debt happened to be falling at that time.

The original debt clock was taken apart in 2004 and a new clock was constructed that was to be located about a block away from the original clock. There were many press reports in 2008 that Americas national debt had risen to well over 10 trillion and the first clock did not have enough digits. The first national debt counter outlasted Seymour Durst, who passed away in 1995. Dursts son Douglas took over the running and maintenance of the clock on behalf of the Durst organization. Douglass cousin Jonathan Durst is now in the time of action of assuming the daily operations as the president of this organization. In a recent interview, Jonathan Durst proclaimed that there would be maintenance on the national debt counter for a long time to come.

The clock is a very first of its kind with a running counter and has been the inspiration for other projects that all across United States in addition as other countries all around the world. There are also various supplies that track the national debt online.

The debt counter has also inspired several non-debt oriented projects. Mostly projects dealing with a electronic billboards. There were billboards of this kind put up to track the amount of electricity that certain companies are using in addition as billboards put up impair the amount of money being spent in various situations.

No matter which way you look at it the clock has an inspiration for Americans in addition as non Americans to take a better look at the way money in their country is being spent. It has also inspired more public awareness concerning many different topics and how money is being spent by large corporations and how money can affect certain important situations. The national debt counter will be a source of news not only an America but all over the world for years to come as long as the United States remains carrying such a large debt.

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