The Phoenix Suns Play For Their First Shiny NBA Finals Trophy

If at first you do not succeed, try, try again. The Phoenix Suns have epitomized that kind of determination. Since joining the NBA, they have appeared in the playoffs on 28 occasions. In about a quarter of those years (eight times to be exact), they have reached the Conference Finals. In exactly one-fourth of those series, the Suns progressive to the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, the Suns failed on both occasions to win an NBA Championship.

How did the Suns start shining? Following a name the team contest, the franchise chose the name Suns over other entries, including Cougars, Mavericks, Mustangs, Rattlers, Scorpions, Thunderbirds, and Wranglers. The name Suns is quite appropriate, considering that the AVERAGE Phoenix temperature in the summer is about 103°F. Here are some interesting facts about the sun:

o The Sun contains hot gases that include various elements on Earth.
o The sun is 93 million miles (give or take a few) from the Earth.
o The chief of the Sun is at the minimum 100,000,000°F.
o The Sun is approximately one million times brighter than a standard light bulb.
o You would need 100 Earths to cover the Suns width.

The Suns were born prior to the 1968-1969 season. In fact, the team was Phoenixs first major pro sports squad. Meanwhile, Dick Van Arsdale was the first player that the Suns picked. Arsdale also scored the teams first points in their first game, which resulted in a 116-107 victory over the Seattle Supersonics. Unfortunately, the remainder of the season was less successful, with the Suns earning a 16-66 regular season record.

Though the Phoenix Suns first playoff turn up was 1970, they progressive much further during the 1975-1976 season. The Suns were sizzling hot during the first and last part of the regular season, which gave them a 42-40 record and a return trip to the playoffs.

Unlike their first turn up in the playoffs, the Suns would unprotected to more success in 1976. They would first outshine the Seattle Supersonics (4-2). In the Western Conference Finals, the underdog Suns edged the Golden State Warriors, who were the NBAs defending champions (4-3). Then in the NBA Finals, Phoenix faced the powerhouse Boston Celtics. In the crucial Game 5, the Suns lost in triple overtime, and they ultimately lost the series (4-2).

The Suns did not set. Prior to the 1992-1993 season, they made a bold move by acquiring Sir Charles Barkley. The Suns ended the season with a franchise-best 62-30 record.

Phoenix was now an official contender for the NBA Championship. In the playoffs, the Suns battled back to edge the Lakers (3-2), disposed of the San Antonio Spurs (4-2), and then outlasted the Seattle Supersonics (4-3) in the Western Conference Finals. However, the Bulls won the NBA Final series (4-2) after John Paxton hit an open 3-pointer with five seconds left in Game 6.

The sun has never set on the Phoenix Suns chance of winning an NBA Championship. Use Phoenix Suns merchandise to cheer on the team to a shiny NBA Finals Trophy!

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