The Psychological Effect of Ancient signs

There is, the influential Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung believed, a good reason why ancient signs have been passed on from generation to generation, transcending both time and cultures. Jung believed that everyone in the world possessed a collective unconscious or memories that are shared by humanity. This collective unconscious responds, often inexplicably, to certain signs. You might say that the collective unconscious experiences the same psychological effects from the same ancient signs that have been passed on to another generation and certain shapes that have evolved by the years.

Jung on Humanity and signs

In his book Man and His signs, Jung writes What we call a symbol is a term, a name or already a picture that may be familiar in daily life, however that possesses specific connotations in additional to its traditional and obvious meaning. It implies something vague, unknown or hidden from us.

Jung then goes on to describe how certain shapes or signs have a deeper effect on a mans subconscious. He says, for example, that the mind can reach out to grasp for meaning that is beyond the grasp of reason. A wheel may cause you to picture the divine, or to get a good glimpse of eternity. But because man cannot every fully grasp such recondite things as divinity, signs are used to represent concepts that cannot be fully understood. This is the reason why ancient and modern religions use signs, such as the Christian cross, the Greek Eye of Horus or the Bodhi Tree to signify ideals that are beyond the physical vicinity.

Ancient signs and the Mind

Hinduists and Buddhists have used mandalas for centuries, but Carl Jung successfully translated this ancient symbol for modern use by touching on its psychological effects on the individual. He said that the mandala was a representation of the center of the personality or the central psychic point. And, because everyone wants to fulfill his possible, looking at the mandala as the source of his being could be a very powerful or already an ultimate healing experience. Jung also believed that the mandala could already push you to work towards self-actualization faster.

holy geometrical figures, such as the dodecahedron or the decagon can likewise elicit powerful psychological effects. Because these shapes are based on the golden average dodecahedrons and decagons make one feel like he is in the presence of perfection. Some ancient Egyptian signs, such as those presented in a set of Cartouche Cards, can already give you heightened awareness and clarity. It can help you become more open to the world and to others.

Besides having mystical energies and powers, ancient signs can likewise create extreme advantageous psychological effects on those who use them. It is, consequently, important that you understand signs deeply before deciding on which particular signs to use or use.

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