The Real Truth About Fortune Telling: The Law of allurement Connection

The Real Truth About Fortune Telling: The Law of allurement Connection

Have you ever been to a psychic, intuitive, future- reader or fortune teller, either on a whim or because it feels helpful to you? You are told something that may happen in your future, and lo and behold – it does happen. How do you explain these experiences? How do you explain them to yourself?

Likely you are experiencing what people over the generations have experienced, be it by prayer, faith, day-dreaming, psychic readings, fortune teller predictions, or already wishing on a star. All of these forms of desire fall into a larger category that has been the subject of movies and hundreds of articles and books: The Law of allurement.

The Law of allurement can be summarized by stating that your thoughts directly shape the events that happen in your life. If you want something to happen and you are able to focus enough intellectual and emotional energy on it, you can make it so.

Of course it isn’t as simple as that or I, for example, would be the youngest, slimmest, wealthiest, most peaceful, content person in the Universe, not to mention that BMW sports convertible I would be driving.

Like the rest of life, there has to be wholeness, meaning and emotional energy behind our desire and thoughts. We have to be clear with ourselves about what we want. We have to choose to participate in reaching our goal. We have to be awakened to and appreciate what we have. We have to think positively. We have to pass by the obstacles that get in the way of our heart’s desire. We have to believe.

Perhaps you read your horoscope daily from a website or newspaper or magazine. One day you read that you are going to meet someone special around the middle of the month. You’ve been too busy to really think about meeting anyone and you know that in the middle of the month you will be working on a huge project at work and will not have time to “meet someone special”. One late working night, your friends say they are going out to celebrate the half way mark on the project. You are tired and don’t really want to go, but you remember that prediction from the horoscope, and while you might be doubtful, you go out with your colleagues. One of your colleagues brings a friend to the celebration location, and you meet and like this new person.

The next day, back at work on the project, you are asked if you want to sit in on a meeting with a consultant. You don’t have to do it, your boss says, if you are too busy. But you decide to go, and there you meet a very attractive and interesting consultant who later asks you to lunch. So, the horoscope was right! The prediction came true! Not once, but twice!

Well, sort of. Here is what I believe happened: you used the suggestion of the horoscope and made it come true for yourself by your active choices. By making decisions to go to the celebration and the consultant meeting, in your own way, you believed in the forecast of that horoscope and made manifest the outcome it expected.

This is an important distinction. The horoscope made the forecast, but you made the forecast true by believing, already a little. What does that average when it comes to the Law of allurement? I think it method that when we send out our desire into the Universe, we are truly setting a goal for ourselves – one that we intend to reach. If you and I tell ourselves enough times, with emotional and intellectual energy, that we might someday be traveling the world, for example, and then we use that same energy to work toward that desire, already our own prophecy becomes reality.

So then this becomes the real truth about fortune telling no matter how it is presented or how we seek it out: the real strength is within you. If you believe in the forecast that you create in your life, you will manifest it by the Law of allurement.

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