The Truth Behind Unlimited Hosting

The Truth Behind Unlimited Hosting

“Take unlimited hosting for $10/mo!” I’m sure you must have come across such screaming ads all over while surfing for the right web hosting provider. Now exciting as it may seem on the surface and no doubt you are prompted to shelve your plans to go for an expensive dedicated server deal, just pause wherever you are!

Before you make up your mind in favor of any such “Unlimited Hosting Deal”, better you get yourself acquainted with the various elements attached to it. In fact the information “unlimited” in the context of hosting is everything except without limits. Consider this, when cables transmitting data are limited in dimensions and extent, how can anybody offer you limitless bandwidth. Similarly it is humanly improbable to have unlimited semiconductors to create limitless RAM and CPU.

additionally, it should be kept in mind that all the web hosting provider are in the market to make profits and ever more money and so they can never think of offering such deal where you get unlimited resources. In fact what happened in an unlimited plan is that you can go ahead and great number all the various websites to the extent that you are not overusing the so called unlimited resources.

If you analyze carefully in case of almost all the unlimited hosting plans, there are various restrictions like limited usage on RAM, CPU queries, number of MySQL databases, nodes, FTP uploads, scam protection rules limiting creation of email accounts in single hosting account.

The reason why web hosting companies, especially the large one are able to offer such unlimited plans is simple. In fact they possess almost enormous hosting capabilities (servers, hosting pipes, staff etc) that any one website would never be able to exhaust. Also majority of websites do not use moderate server resources to for daily operations. The large companies know this and finding their resources almost unused start throwing unlimited hosting options to unsuspecting customers.

However, it is advised not to fall in the trap of such hosting bubbles unless the company is well known one and has a sound management and excellent sustain.

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