The Use of DVI Cable

The Use of DVI Cable

First off DVI stands for digital visual interface which supplies a high resolution/speed visual quality on your digital displays. When dealing with DVI cable there are 3 types of connectors you should know about before going out there and buying a cable wire without knowing which is the right one that you truly need. First you have the DVI-D which the D stands for digital and uses true digital signal that most home theater products use in consumer homes. The next is DVI-A which the A stands for analog and signals that used for like VGA kind and high resolution. Lastly you have DVI-I which I stands for integrated which you have both the analog and the digital which method you can perform both responsibilities in one.

When using the DVI cables you want to ensure that not only do you have the right kind of cable, you have to make sure the socket is the right one instead because if you force the cable in, you might break one of the pins. Also you want to know exactly what youre using the DVI cable for, like which devices are you planning on connecting together and what are the possible ways of doing so. For those of you who have a HDTV and want to experience the High Definition but your device has a DVI-I port so you would want to get a HDMI to DVI cable which they do have obtainable. Using the HDMI cable converting from the DVI will permit you to understand that theres so many ways to bring digital devices together as long as you know what youre dealing with.

If you are the kind that likes to try something new but dont know what is obtainable out there try looking online and there are not only pictures but videos you can watch where people do amazing things with all types of cables. Using a DVI cable I generally connect my two monitors together so I can have more things going on in my desktop, they call it dual monitor. Its pretty cool how you can drag anything from one monitor and bring it over to the second monitor so its something you should look into or see it online if you are confused about it. already doing something like this, there are two types of DVI cable you should also learn about, the single and the dual link. The single link DVI sustain a frequency of 165 Mhz where the dual link sustain 330 Mhz. If both of your devices supports dual linkage than I would prefer getting the dual link cable to connect them. With my dual monitor set up I connect using a dual link cable.

When it comes to DVI cable you dont have to really stress over about the price on it because they are inexpensive. Mainly all digital devices already come with some kind of port or socket and if they dont sustain the DVI cables than they have converters which cost a little more but theres always something obtainable. I typically go online and search for whats out there and just compare and contrast whats the best as far as pricing and what are the possible two devices that I can connect together.

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