Think You’re Not Intuitive? Here Are the Top Reasons You Might Believe…

Oh, Im Not Intuitive!

Ive heard it from a few people, or the other one I dont have an intuitive bone in my body!

And to be honest, I just smile and say, Oh really? Because I believe everyone has a little natural intuition going on for them. They may call it something different, or they may not realise they have it, but they do.

Here are some reasons I believe that you may question whether you are intuitive or not. If you think youre not intuitive, take a look and see if any of these ring a little bell (however tiny) for you.

Your inner voice is way too quiet and little! It may be so quiet that you just dont hear it. Or you may think you hear something – What was that? – but no, way too quiet, I cant hear it!

Your life is way too busy and loud. This is probably the biggest reason why most people (women) think theyre not intuitive. Life is just too crazy, there is too much going on.

A combination of the first two! OK, so this is probably the number one biggest reason most people (women) think theyre not intuitive! As I have said on many occasions, as the quantity of your life goes up, the quantity of your quiet inner voice goes down. Its a bad, bad, bad combination! But its quite fixable, you just need to reverse it! Try meditation as the number one best way to do this!

You may be getting in your own way. Sometimes we think we know best. We have a plan, this is what is going to happen and thats that! Sometimes things dont work exactly to plan, sometimes our plans are wrong and life, and sometimes the universe, destiny, in any case… has other plans for us. If we arent humble enough to go with it, take a chance, or perhaps let in we are wrong, we end up completely ignoring our intuition and pretending its not there.

You may be following your heart (or emotions) instead of your intuition. This is especially the case when you repeatedly make mistakes in relationships. Our emotions are controlled by our hormones, our intuition is something thoroughly different. You may overrule your intuition because of how you emotionally want things to turn out, and that can feel really powerful, but its not intuition.

You just havent realised youre doing it No. 1. Youve been mistaking intuition for what you thought was shared sense. Believe me, not everyone has the sort of shared sense you might have! Talk to a few people and you will find out, thats why things just magically happen, or weird coincidences occur for you. It may not be shared sense after all!

You just havent realised youre doing it No. 2. Its completely natural & you dont realise youre doing it – doesnt everyone do what I do? Isnt it just called being alive? No, not everyone does it like you do, you probably are seen by others as leading a charmed life!

Youve been told by yourself (or someone else) that youre not intuitive. Simple really, keep telling yourself something, or let someone else tell you something, and it will become your reality. Your intuition is there, but its hidden under the dust and cobwebs of your self confidence and belief. I think it may be time to dust your old friend off and let her out to play! As I saw on Facebook just before writing this, You believed in Santa for 8(?) years, you can at the minimum believe in yourself for 5 minutes.

Youve shut it out. Do you see it as a weakness? Something to be embarrassed about – especially in the business world. Maybe youre surrounded by men (I know, not all men are non-believers), or super logical people who want reasons why, and you just dont feel you can justify saying it just feels right.

So, if you had thought you were not intuitive, but now youre thinking, well… ?

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