Thinking About the Organic Food Garden Beginners Manual?


Summer is now half over, and though the larger part of our Midwestern planting season is now past there is nevertheless much that can and must be done in your organic vegetable garden. Pests and weeds are probably running rampant and watering is a continued necessity. There are already preparations that should be made for canning, halting, drying and preserving your crops.

As much as we all might wish it were the case, your garden isn’t something you can just forget about after you plant the seeds. You must watch it regularly and if you are not sure what you need to watch, give The Organic Food Garden Beginners Manual a look.

I, as a Horticulture Major have found this e-book very useful. For the first time in the twenty strange years I have lived on my family farm, we have a garden and the Organic Food Garden Beginners Guide was one of several resources I used in establishing that garden. The instructions contained in the e-book are clear, concise and to the point and very comprehensive. Strategies for soil building are included, along with proper watering techniques, sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings and countless other vital basics that any beginner should know. The book already has instructions for creating your own organic fertilizers and organic pesticides. consequently already an experienced gardener could pick up a few tips from the Organic Food Garden Beginners Manual.

The e-book was produced by a woman in Australia by the name of Julie Villani and although our seasons are reversed here in the northern hemisphere the information can be easily alternation to life in the Midwest. There is already a vegetable sowing chart included for the northern and southern hemispheres, and though it may take a moments to figure out how to read the chart the information is nevertheless quite useful.

Local organic food is always the best and it doesn’t get much more local then your own home garden. So already as the summer months begin to wane, keep an eye on your organic garden. Enjoy the fresh organic food it is producing and get ready, because winter is fast approaching and there is nevertheless much that needs to be done. The Organic Food Garden Beginners Manual can guide you already now.

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