Tips for Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants Naturally

Is it possible to live without ants in our house? I think the answer is Impossible and most of the people of this universe will agree with me. Because, ants are everywhere in this world. But, no one like to live with ants. Because, sometimes they become aggressive, they destroy our character, food, and also bite us. We can not keep them away from our house forever. But, proper steps and effective techniques can keep them away from our house for the maximum time. Carpenter ant is one of the dangerous species of ant. They destroy our valuable wooden character. Now, I am describing how to get rid of carpenter ants naturally.

For getting rid of carpenter ants naturally, we have to know them and know their characteristic.

This types of ants are one of the largest member of ant species. They are black in color and sometimes reddish brown. Their length varies from ¾ to ½. They have round thorax and one node on their back. They have a pair of elbow angle antenna. Which make difference between termites and carpenter ants.

They do not eat wood like termites. They make tunnels inside woods because of making nest. They lay eggs into those tunnels and copy their babies. They like moist places for making nest. So, they find woods which are moist and warm. They also find places which are very near to the food and water supplies and also safe for living.

They like to eat sugar and protein. Sugar, and substances produced using sugar greatly attract ants. Any kind of sweet, fruit juice, honey, cake, milk, etc. greatly attract this kind of ants. Also foods which contains protein like meat, fish, human foods made using protein greatly attract them.

Natural techniques of getting rid of carpenter ants

One of the good technique of getting rid of them naturally is to pour water into their hive. We have to clarify their hive and then enlarge the opening of the hive and pour hot what or cold water into it. Make sure the complete hive is filled with the water. You can also mix some lemon juice with the water for better consequence. This will kill all the members of the hive and you will get rid of carpenter ants naturally.

Another way of getting rid of it is to remove complete rotten wood which is infected by carpenter ants. If the infected area is small and less important for our house then this technique is useful.

If we can remove all products which attract them to our house, then they will be discourage of making hive in our house. We will have to make all the food supplies unreachable to them. And will have to try to keep our bathroom, and kitchen sink clean and dry after using. This will prevent carpenter ant infestation in our house.

Neem oil is a good bio oil, used for controlling house pests naturally. This is being a bio oil, is not toxic and can be used inside our house. Anyone can use neem oil for getting rid of any types of ants naturally.

Another natural product is corn products, used for controlling carpenter ant infestation. They can not digest corn. When they drink after eating corn, then the corn powder start expanding coming to the contact of water and as a consequence they die.

Boric acid is also very useful for getting rid of carpenter ants. A 1:10 combination of boric acid and sugar is very effective for killing them. The worker ants carry that combination to their hive and eat altogether and die. It helps killing all the members of the hive.

Important observe:

It is very important to kill the queen of the hive. One hive consist with one Queen, few male and remaining worker member. If the queen can escape while conducting any killing operation, then it will raise the breeding rate for recovering the lost members of the hive. And the infestation become very dangerous. So, we should be very careful about the queen.

Hope following those techniques mentioned above will help anybody to get rid of carpenter ants naturally.

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