Transonic Bird, Pest Repeller


The Transonic Pro pest repeller gets rid of all the pests and rodents that are either in the house or the garden. It uses ultrasonic sounds to scare away the pests that have invaded your privacy. The groups that are emitted by this device are very strong and will ensure all the hiding places of the animal pests have been covered. They will not be able to stand this and so will have to move to a different location for them to feel comfortable and that of course will not be in your garden or house. That is one problem solved. It covers 5000 square feet of distance and this is just about enough for the most part of your garden and house.

All the pests whether it is the big animal rodents like the chipmunks and squirrels or the smaller crawling ones like the ants, mice, roaches and termites will be deterred by the groups emitted by the Transonic Pest repeller. You will be able to adjust it to suit the kind of pest you want to get rid of with the low quantity frequency being able to take care of the smaller crawling insects while the highest level of frequency will deter the bigger rodents that are in the garden. While it is inside the house you will hardly hear any sound from it with the lowest level.

The money that you would have used for repairing you house and cleaning will now be saved and used for something else once this device has been set up and is functioning properly.

It uses the D size batteries and can also use electricity since it has that characterize. The batteries are purchased separately from the Transonic Pro Pest Repeller and have to be replaced once they are out of strength.

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