Types of abodes Found in Distressed similarities Listings

When looking at distressed similarities listings, buyers usually select homes based on prices and the kind of dwelling they would like to buy. Listings of foreclosures offer several types of residential structures and buyers should be aware of what each kind has to offer.

Single Family abodes

These are ideal for small or regular sized families. Most single family homes characterize two to three bedrooms and a space where a garden or a garage can be built. They offer a modicum of privacy since they are not attached to another character and owners can enjoy the whole lot all to themselves. This is also the most shared kind of residence sold in the U.S. and most can be found in good neighborhoods where schools and offices are often easy to reach.

Multi-Family abodes

These are residential buildings that are divided into two to four independent abodes. Extended families, or those whose kids are already married and have families of their own, usually prefer these types of homes, especially if they like living near each other. The individual units for these homes can be built side by side or on several floors.

Multifamily houses found on distressed similarities listings have the advantage of flexibility, in that they can also be used as a residence for the buyer and as a method of income if the rest of the units are to be offered as rental similarities. Two or more families can also proportion the burden of paying for the character if they want to use them as family residences.

For investors and people who have a larger source of capital, foreclosed apartment buildings and condominiums are reasonable investments. Most of these buildings are offered for as low as 50% of their original market value and investors can make a cheap buy and use the character as a source of rental income.

Each of this kind of character can be found in distressed similarities listings. Buyers can choose any of these structures depending on their buy capability and their needs and whether they are looking for a family residence or something more.

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