Types of Accommodations – What Does This average to You?


When booking accommodation, the term “hotel” is the most shared generalized term. The kind of accommodation you want to choose would depend mainly on the purpose of travel & your budget.

A hotel’s dominant mission is to offer a comfortable room to sleep and usually to offer other sets such as meals or recreation. Most hotels offer private sleeping rooms with bathrooms, front desk sets, luggage sets, food & beverage sets and guest sets. They may also offer commercial sets to business travelers, including a business center, electronic devices and multi-line phones. Depending on class of hotel, they may have one to five or more F&B outlets.

The following hotel descriptions will give you an idea of few of their features & benefits.

Airport similarities

located close to airports, these hotels cater to the business traveler or leisure traveler with long “lay-over” in an airport en-route to another destination. These hotels are also being used to keep up meetings, conventions, seminars especially when participants are flying from different locations.
Ex: KIA lodge, Near Kilimanjaro Airport.

All-suites hotels

These are like small apartments with a bedroom, living room with limited kitchen facilities. Some all-suites hotel may include microwaves, coffee makers and small refrigerators. Living room will include pull out sofa and desk. These hotels fall into the luxury and mid-range category and cater to the corporate travelers whose stay is a week or more.

Boutique Hotels

Smaller hotels that offer rare personalized sets.

Conference centres

Generally conference centres are upscale (first-class) similarities catering to corporate clients meetings. Usually pricing is inclusive of food, beverage and conference sets. The meeting rooms have been designed to adjust to special needs of 10-15 attendees.

Convention Centres

Part of, or nearby to, large hotels, these centres have extensive meeting facilities and large exhibition halls. They cater to large meetings and trade shows and generally are mid-range to upper-range.

Extended stays

This kind of hotel is quickly becoming popular on the market. They are designed for corporate travellers who are on a long-term assignment and desire more home-like accommodation. In some situations, the traveler’s families will also be staying with them. These facilities may also be located in resort areas and cater to senior travelers who require more than a standard hotel room for a month or more. This kind of traveler may need complete service but is unwilling to pay the All-suite costs.

Limited Service

Some hotels provide basic sleeping rooms and minimal food service outlets such as breakfast buffet and coffee and non-alcoholic drink vending machines. sets such as laundry, business centres, exercise facilities etc are not provided.


These sets are generally smaller and cater to people traveling by car (Motor hotel = motel). They may or may not have a F&B outlet but often will have a café that accommodates breakfast, lunch and dinner. The front desk covers check-in, check-out guest sets and luggage assistance. Motels are generally located outside of urban centres in suburban or rural areas and are usually lower in price than a hotel.


These are hotels that cater to vacation travelers in addition as businesses holding conferences and meetings. sets are all-inclusive so that the guest does not have to leave the premises for any need. They will have F&B outlets, sports facilities, health club, and entertainment, baby-sitting and parking.
Most resorts are luxurious to lavish. Specialties may include seasonal recreation such as skiing and golfing or catering to couples, honeymooners, singles or families.


These are resorts offering health, physical fitness, nutritional advice or just plain pampering. There are tennis courts, swimming pools, hiking trails, beauty salons and specially prepared meals.

The next time when you plan to book accommodation, make sure you specify the exact kind of accommodation you are looking for. Your agent would be glad to find you the right pick.

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