Underhanded Divorce Tactics To Be Aware Of

Most divorce settlements and proceedings are done in a fair and equitable manner. in addition everyone has heard divorce nightmares and horror stories that plague our conscience when entering into the same course of action. By hiring the best divorce attorney you should be well prepared to meet some of the underhanded tactics employed by less careful spouses and attorneys.

It is a Conflict of Interest

One of the most recent ways to stymie a spouse in their hunt for a top divorce lawyer in their area is to simply provide a conflict of interest for these top lawyers first. How the time of action works is that an enterprising spouse seeks out all the top divorce attorneys in their area and sets up short meetings to discuss their case in the guise of interviewing them and to possibly retain them as their lawyer. Most often they have already made a mental choice of their lawyer, but by meeting with these other lawyers and discussing pertinent details about their case it creates a conflict of interest for the other partner when trying to hire the same attorneys. In this way your partner can relegate you to hiring the less than best divorce attorneys in your area. It is one of the most convincing arguments to hire an attorney as early as possible to ensure you can get the one you want.

Hiding Assets

More often than not the spouse making the most monetarily in the marriage attempts to hide assets during divorce proceedings. It happens more often than is reported and can have a very damaging effect on the settlement you may receive for alimony and child sustain. A qualified divorce team will be able to conduct a lifestyle examination that provides a clear financial picture of your lifestyle while married. however you need to be on the lookout for telltale signs that your spouse may be hiding assets. Most often assets are transferred into other family members names to conceal their worth during divorce proceedings. This move could be of real character, antiques, coins, real estate, stocks and investments. Other tricks include overpaying the IRS, under reporting income, deferring salary, commission or bonuses and stashing valuables or cash in safety place boxes or in other places.

Pressure or Delay

Two tactics often used to either speed up the time of action or slow it down in addition both with the intention of forcing an unfavorable settlement include pressuring you to settle early or alternately stalling and delaying the complete course of action. By putting pressure on you to settle quickly it is often to cover up a possible economic windfall in the works for your spouse. This could be a large bonus, commission or pay increase that will have a meaningful impact on alimony and child sustain and so the spouse needs a quick settlement to avoid an additional payout. Alternately the stall and delay tactic can be used to draw out the proceedings to excursion up legal costs and exhaust living expenses in order to obtain a cheaper settlement.

Hiring the best divorce attorney in your area as quickly as possible will help avoid these tactics and garner a settlement that is fair and equitable.

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