Understanding Domain Registration and Website Hosting

When we think about hosting a website for our individual or business purpose, we have to think about two things; one is the domain name or website address, secondly; the web hosting service. Todays world, it has become a mandatory requirement to have your own domain name for your website. In order to connect people by internet, a name or a number has to be entered in your computer and this has to be a rare name or number so that computer can find it.

A domain name can be a single name or more parts and technically we can call them labels that are connecting different character strings and delimited by a dot such as amitbhawani.com There can be different names ending with.com,.gov,.co,.edu,.in, etc. and all of them denotes different activities or roles such.com for commercial,.gov for government related sites,.edu for an educational institution or university, etc. There are now over a hundred different tld obtainable using which you can register your desired domain name and then great number your website.

The registration of domain name done by a domain name registrar such as GoDaddy.com, Dotster.com, Register.com, Hostbrains.com, Moniker.com, 1&1 internet, etc. at an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for stated Names and Numbers) based in the USA, with a marginal fee. It is a non-profit organization formed in 1998 with participants from across the globe. ICANN doing the coordination activity of the rare identifying names and numbers globally, so that the internet is obtainable and working effectively. Some web hosting companies offering the domain name registration on free of cost when you buy a yearly based web hosting package under their marketing plans.

After registering the domain name, you can look for a web developer for contents and a web hosting company for hosting your web site. Hosting method making your website easy to reach by a web browser such as Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. by a data center server from where it is connected to the internet. Web site hosting done by many companies and different models of hosting obtainable such as Shared, Dedicated, collocation, free hosting sets, etc. For a beginner, a shared web hosting or a free space can be chosen. For more progressive business or companies a dedicated or co-location hosting can be considered because the requirements would be higher for corporates and customized dedicated web server would complete these requirements.

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