Vigil in Eastbourne pays tribute to Sabina Nessa

AN EMOTIONAL vigil has been held in the seaside town where the man suspected of murdering Sabina Nessa was arrested.

Around 200 people gathered along Eastbourne’s seafront to pay tribute to the school teacher and to protest violence against women.

Some of those attending carried placards saying ‘End Male Violence’, ‘When will women be safe?’ and ‘It’s not normal’.

People gathered for a vigil for Sabina Nessa in Eastbourne

The 28-year-old had been walking to meet a friend at a pub near her home when she was attacked and killed in Cator Park in Kidbrooke, south-east London.

Her body was found covered with leaves near a community centre near the park.

Some signs carried by attendees also made reference to the murder of Sarah Everard, whose murderer was sentenced to a whole-life prison term last week.

The event comes amid continuing outrage over women’s safety, with the demonstration marked with cheers and applause as those addressing the crowd spoke out against victim blaming.

People gathered for a vigil for Sabina Nessa in Eastbourne

Co-organiser Natasha Peacock said that Sabina Nessa should nevertheless be alive and will be deeply missed.

She said: “Women are frightened for their lives. We are having to consider the risk of going out alone past 6pm and potentially getting attacked, raped or murdered and the advice to flag down buses does not make us feel safe.

“This is a crisis. We need to make the safety of women and girls a priority.”

36-year-old Koci Selamaj was arrested on September 26 in Eastbourne, and has indicated he will deny the charge of murder.

Selamaj has been remanded in custody ahead of a plea hearing on December 16.

It is claimed that Sabina’s attacker used a two foot long weapon to strike her repeatedly before carrying her away unconscious.

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