Vineyard Grapes – Pest Control Ideas

Vineyard Grapes – Pest Control Ideas

Harvesting healthy and bruise-free grapes is truly basic in helping to produce great wines. However, vineyard grapes, much like other plants, can be inclined to infestations of different kinds of pests, such as animals, diseases and insects. These problems can really affect not only your productivity, but also the quality of your produce. If you do not want to experience such problems, you should know the pest control ideas below.

One of the things that can really ruin the day of a lot of owners of vineyard grapes, is finding animals, such as deer and birds, eating away fruits or vine shoots. When food is scarce, deer usually venture into vineyards because they cannot find other food supplies. The problem is that deer can be very sneaky. So, how will you get rid of this particular pest? Using scent repellant is a good pest control method for deer. Since this kind of animal is afraid of coyotes and dogs, you can use their scents to prevent deer from entering your vineyard. Using loud cannons can also be wise if your vineyard is big and is far from the homes in any neighborhood. You see, the sound of cannons can irritate not only deer, but people in addition. If you have problems with birds, you can simply put nets over your vineyards. However, do not forget to remove the nets during winter.

Vineyard grapes are also inclined to diseases, such as fungus, phomopsis cane, mildew, leaf identify and already black decay. Some of the signs that your vines are experiencing from some kind of disease are decaying of the fruits, changing of leaf color, and developing of lesions. The first pest control you should use, if you speculate your grapes are experiencing from a disease, is fungicide. More often than not, this is enough to resolve the problem. However, if symptoms persist, you might want to determine the exact kind and cause of the problem in order to come up with the right solution.

Insect infestation is also another problem shared in vineyard grapes. Some of the usual insects that destroy the leaves, vines or fruits of your plant include grape leafhoppers, grape berry moths, Japanese beetle, and Rose chafers. The ideal pest control method for insects is insecticides. However, if the insects are not really that meaningful and the damage is low, you might want to go easy on the insecticide.

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