Waste to Water Machine – Solution to Problems

In the fast developing world, there are thousands of industries which produce the waste for the planet. Not only that already the humans produce a lot of waste in different forms such as by excretion, food wastage, strength production etc. These wastes ideally cause the lands to lose the fertility and cause the waters to be polluted with filth. It is a surprise that over a trillion tons of waste is just produced in a matter of days all around the world and all this waste is potentially used to contaminate the water, pollute the land, and destroy the ozone and other such devastating effects on us.

If we look into this problem a little more carefully, solutions can be easily found for this. Not only that those solutions can easily be implemented by proper working channels. Much likely these channels could allow the world to transform into:

• A sustainable growing economy
• Less waste production
• Better breathing world with zero pollution

And all it takes is a little invention and a few bucks for funding. Some people and scientists have found ways to reduce the waste production by different mechanism but the most famous is the conversion of waste into water and electricity. All around the world, enormous environmental hazards have started to arise because of the unchecked actions of the industries, unlawful acts which harm the integrity of the ecosystem, sudden catastrophe; all cause different sorts of waste to pollute out into the fields.

Waste conversion machine:
A young engineer developed a exceptional way to turn all the wastes produced into water and electricity. This project was first funded by Bill Gates in order to find the solution to the global waste problem. The machine in turn takes the wastes from the sewerage system and then after boiling the waste condenses the vapors of the water to turn it into pure drinking water which is equal to the bottled water. This exceptional machine uses the remains of the waste and uses it to strength the plant in order to produce electricity.

This potentially opened the doors for many other projects to develop in regards to this which can use not only the human sewerage waste but also use the waste produced by huge industries. All this leading to a better impact on the economy in which it is used. This would also allow the waste not to contaminate the oceans and the sea.

Impacts on the Economies:
This machine could in the end have huge impacts on the economy. The reason behind is because those countries which produce a ton of waste each year can potentially use this technique to save their ecosystem and their country from land, sea and air devastation. The industrialized countries will be able to solve their problems by keeping a check and balance on their wastes they produced. For the industrialized world, the waste conversion machine is crucial because the wastes which they would produce needs to be properly disposed off otherwise the ecosystem would be largely devastated.

For the under-developing countries it is also important as they require the energy and water in their vicinity which they considerably without. So already for the less fortunate people, the waste conversion machine could possibly allow them to transform their economy and ecosystem into a much progressive place offering all the benefits which they would require.

Solution to Problems:
Mr Sanjay Bhor – a mechanical engineer from Mumbai developed this native machine & this is the ultimate solution to most of the problems. Along with all the positive benefits this machine also helps by not producing any waste as a byproduct. It dissolves all kind of Organic Waste into Water within 20 hrs. This complete course of action is Noiseless and Odorless. In a way, this machine powers on its own and produces zero waste in the end with no meaningful threat to the ecosystem or to the country.

Most of the countries strive on various ways to generate their strength and to dispose off their waste. The effective ways which they use only have harsh after effects which can be seen in the later years. Every method uses byproducts which not only harm the ecosystem but also contaminate the acres of field. Contaminations like acid rain, cholera water, and poisonous lake all create devastating effects on humans also. The waste conversion into a water machine will make sure that:

• The Lakes are clean and uncontaminated
• The fields getting this water also have advantageous effect
• Prevention of devastation to life forms
• Protection of the integrity of the ecosystem
• Useful for Agriculture and Horticulture.

This machine is now used in many different places for ways to help in the problems of the world and is now currently implemented in many different states.

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