Web Conference Calls – The Boardroom of the Future

A conference call is one form of telecommunications whereby two or more people conduct a meeting over the phone and talk about matters or issues of importance to their group. Another kind of communication uses computers and the Internet. This is called a web conference call, and interaction with a group of people can include Powerpoint and Whiteboard presentations, in addition as mass sharing of documents.

A web conference call enables people to hear and see each other via audio and chat formats with the use of webcams. Web conferencing sets oftentimes include desktop sharing, video conferencing, and already far away control.

Web conferencing technology originated from basic audio conferencing calls, which are nevertheless used already today, particularly for presentations, trainings, and business conferences. These audio conference calls can be recorded as audio files, and distributed for various purposes.

With the arrival of broadband, live video conferencing emerged, enabling participants to view and hear each other at once. This developed into the more progressive web conferencing, which incorporated multi-layering of information. In a web conference call, the participants could view and hear each other, in addition as exchange or proportion various files, such as presentations, graphics, or drawings rendered on a tablet board called a Whiteboard. They could already post various comments on these shared files.

Web conferencing calls have taken business communication further by enabling board meetings to take place via this medium. In some situations, a call to vote on a motion or poll is undertaken over web conference calls. This makes web conferencing a more functional and efficient different to physical meetings, which may include the expense of time and travel to set up.  It is advantageous to many local and international businesses, in addition as for government entities. It is an expedient way to save time, money, and inconvenience whenever a group of people need to meet and discuss important issues at the soonest possible opportunity.

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