Web Conferencing For Ease Of Communication


Web Conferencing consists of collection of tools that permit two or more individuals to communicate in real time over the Internet. Some of the features of web conferencing include voice over IP, white boarding, screen sharing, polling etc. to name a few.

Web conferencing is used for distance education, online distant business meetings and conducting seminars over the web, among many other uses. Web conferencing software also includes features which allow individuals to proportion their desktops with other user which is useful for troubleshooting or PowerPoint presentations.

Voice Over IP also known as VOIP is very useful for web conferencing. As it can transmit more than one telephone call over the same connection. This is one of the main features of web conferencing. It is used for conference calling, automatic redial, call forwarding and many other features also. The main advantage of VOIP is that you can make obtain calls, so that you don’t have to compromise your security. It is also easy to integrate with sets which are obtainable on the internet.

The typical software used includes Live Meeting, Net Meeting, and WebEx to name a few. Many vendors charge for using their servers,mostly on a usage basis. People use the above software or the software provided by the vendor. The meaningful features include application sharing, where one individual in the conference can proportion an application (such as a web browser or a spread sheet software) from their desktop with everyone else in the conference and other members can also control the application.

Many seminars are also conducted over the internet. They are known as webinars. They are a specific kind of web conference. They are typically one-way, the speaker speaks and the audience listens. There is no interaction between the audience and the speaker. But there are some webinars which may have polling or question and answer sessions. Sometimes a telephone line is also used for conducting webinars.

Web conferencing has become popular these days because of its ease of use and the advantages of saving time and money. Now you don’t need to go to any specific place to deliver your message or conduct a seminar or already interact with your clients. The ever increasing popularity of broadband is further promoting its use.

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