What Happens to Donated Vehicles?

While you may regularly see the commercials on television urging you to donate your means to an auto donation charity many who are in need of those vehicles have no idea how to get them. You’ll first want to check and see if your city, or a city near you, offers a car donation program. Then get in touch with that donation site, many of them have phone numbers specifically for those who have questions.

Those who do not have a a specific charity they serve usually sell their vehicles at auction. If you contact the donation center they’ll be able to give you auction information. Or keep an eye on your local paper, many centers will advertise their auctions in the classified sections. Local car dealerships may also be able to help you find a donation center auction in addition. Keep in mind many of these vehicles have been repaired by mechanics that have donated their time, and were donated as a charitable tax deduction, so they may not be in perfect condition. Vehicles that are in non running condition are sold for parts or fragment, and the money is used to offset other costs or donated to local charities. Cars and trucks aren’t the only vehicles donated. Many centers also take RV’s, boats, motorcycles, and already planes which are all sold at auctions.

If you can’t find a Car Donation center near you, or no one is able to help you, get a keep up of your local aid center. Many donation centers have specific programs they donate to such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, Cars For Kids, and Cars for Vets. Call or visit your local chapter of these organizations, they will be able to get you the aid and information you need.

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