What Is A Viatical Settlement and How Can It assistance You?

What Is A Viatical Settlement and How Can It assistance You?

A viatical settlement is one where a person sells his or her life insurance policy before its maturation. This preemptive sale results in receiving a lump sum payment after the insurer has deducted charges and processing fees. This kind of sale is advantageous for the seller as he or she is able to receive money quickly instead of waiting for the annuity to mature. A buyer also likes the surety of receiving a set payment once the annuity is matured. There are, however, certain factors that need to be taken care of while dealing in this trade.

Who can sell?

A viatical settlement can be sold by any annuity holder, irrespective of age, financial condition, or health problems. Most people sell out of financial reasons as they have to pay for mortgage, medical bills, and other expenditures. They find it better to sell this settlement to receive money that could finance their needs. It is a shared observance that people in the latter stages of a serious disease try to sell their plans and use the money on their treatment. These types of sales spiked in the 1980s but the trend has waned in recent years. Nevertheless a sizable number of people nevertheless follow it out of necessity.

Processing time

An insurance company, however, does take a little longer to course of action these deals as it prefers to extract the maximum assistance. There are some charges encased into a viatical settlement and they want to pass that on to the seller. It is consequently necessary to stay vigilant while discussing sales with an insurance company. Processing usually takes a month in case of a normal life insurance plan though it may take longer in some situations. Factors that could delay processing include history of defaults on discount rate payments, technical snags, and violations of rules and regulations on part of the customer. A competent accountant can help you proceed with the sale. He or she will also make sure that you receive the maximum amount of money.

How much can I get?

Selling a viatical settlement brings around 90% of the total value after deductions are made. No income tax is deducted on these settlements and it is important to keep this fact in mind while reading the sales agreement. The buyers will pass on the discount rate payments and other charges to the seller but will proportion the processing fees. It depends on the kind of the settlement plan specifically the clauses governing sale of the annuity plan. It is possible to receive more than 90% of the total value if you negotiate well with the buyers.

This will require detailed discussions with the buyers and negotiations on the extent of deductions. Life insurance plans can sell for extremely high prices if the seller is on the verge of death as buyers are sure of making quick profits. A viatical settlement can bring as much as 96% of original value for these types of sellers.

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