What to Do When Animals Attack Your Home!

You might be surprised to hear that around 97% of homes come under some kind of animal attack in their lifetime. This can come from under the ground, by your wall or on your roof. You may be sitting there beginning to quake in your boots at the thought of wildlife turning on humans en masse and taking back their world. But the reality is not so ‘armageddonish’ but is nevertheless something which is true and needs to be addressed.

What this is all about is the way animals such as moles, birds, and foxes can damage your home in a way that can severally affect the value of your home. Here are some examples with solutions:


Animals which burrow underground such as moles and badgers, when left unchecked can cause serious damage to the foundations of your home. By steadily growing their tunnels and warrens they can eat away at the ground beneath your foundations, causing subsidence and ultimately serious structural damage to your character. Conservatories Scotland can be prone to this problem as there are many animals such as moles that can burrow around the conservatory.

To beat these critters back you need to enlist the sets of a pest control expert. They will remove and re home any animals. If damage has already been done you should get your holes filled by an engineer and have your character assessed by a surveyor.


It may sound strange but birds can cause a lot of damage to windows (if they smash into them) and to rooflines (if they get in and start to nest). When birds nest they make a lot of mess and can leave a large amount of faeces stinking up the place. decaying bird corpses smell too. Also, in making nests they can use the insulation in your roof cavity which will leave your home open to the elements. By having your roofline secured and getting good quality UPVC windows or any kind of double glazing installed will stop already an albatross from smashing your window. If you ever look at house extensions then this will give you the opportunity to inspect whether this is a problem for you.


In more extreme circumstances, large animals can do some terrible damage to your character. produces, monkeys and foxes can not only scare your family, but they can damage your character in search of food and be a real danger to you. produces can rip walls down, monkeys can damage all kinds of features and foxes will go into your home in search of food.

Your local animal control service should be called closest and you should not attempt to deal with them yourself.

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