WHM Reseller Web Hosting

WHM is a magnificent tool that enables the resellers and administrators of servers to manage the great number accounts on the servers; it is listening on ports 2086 and 2087. Usually, reseller users of cPanel have a smaller set of features than the root user of the great number; in general it is limited by the server administrator. From WHM, the server administrator can do the maintenance operations such as compile Apache and upgrade RPMs installed on the system. WHM Control panel has over 52 scripts which can be installed immediately by your customer of reseller hosting method allows you to keep 100% of the money you make.

The WHM software provides a more simplified and efficient way to manage your reseller account and hosting your customers. WHM is a powerful administrative tool produced by cPanel, the same software company behind the popular (cPanel) control panel.

With WHM, you can generate unlimited accounts in regard to your disk space and bandwidth. This software is amazing you can oversell web hosting packages to increase your revenues and then buy more resources as your customers are needed. It is truly designed for helping resellers maximize their profits, by having the ability to monitor your bandwidth and disk space

The excellent assistance to such a reseller package is that your clients are well taken care of. From the cPanel interface, your reseller clients can set up their own email accounts, manage files and add on domains. Installing Fantastico is great to make you popular among your customers. This application is integrated into the cPanel software, bundled with a wide variety of scripts clients can add on to their accounts. Fantastico offers WordPress, Joomla, Cube Cart and phpBB to name a few. cPanel is already a characterize-high control panel and Fantastico makes it that much better.

A successful reseller will call for savvy marketing strategy on your part; cPanel is widely recognized on the internet and its ease of use by beginners. With WHM, you have a package that basically sells itself.

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