Who Is My ArchAngel?

Who Is My ArchAngel?

Have you ever wondered if you have a special angel? Most of us have heard of Guardian Angels who are stated to watch over us from the moment of our birth, but did you know we also have Archangel to ask for guidance and help?

Do you want to know what Archangels to call upon when you need help? Use this simple Numerology formula and you’ll find out what Archangels are stated to your special birth date. The time and place of your birth don’t matter, just what day you were born.

Here is the simple formula: (Month) __ __ (Day) __ __ (Year) __ __ __ __. After you fill that in, it’s time to look at the numbers. Here is an example birth date. November 8, 1927. That translates into your formula as: 1, 8, 19 & 27. The century remains in any case it may be 1900 remains 19, 2000 would be 20. Any number over 20 in either the birth month, or birth day should have the two digits additional together making the numbers 11, 8, 19 & 9. Now let’s look at another example birth date: September 19, 1950. Translation: 9, 19, 19, 5. The zero doesn’t matter because there is no zero vibration-it doesn’t exist.

In the first example (11/8/1927) there are no repeated numbers. In the second example, 19 is repeated twice. Whenever a number is repeated, there is an already stronger connection with that particular Archangel than if the number is singular. In this example of 9/19/1950, AA (Archangel) Michael would be more strongly connected to this person than Lumiel because 19 is one of the numbers for Michael.

After your have placed your birth numbers into the formula, look at the chart below to find what Archangels resonate with your birthday.

I’ve already mentioned AA Michael and AA Lumiel. AA Michael’s number vibrations are 11 & 19 while AA Lumiel’s numbers are 9, 10 & 20. Below is a list I’ve made with the eight main Archangels and their numbers.

Archangel Anael 3, 5, and 8

Archangel Cassiel 15 and 21

Archangel Gabriel 12, 18 and 27

Archangel Lumiel 9, 10 and 20

Archangel Michael 11 and 19

Archangel Raphael 13 and 16

Archangel Samael 4 and 16

Archangel Uriel 12 and 17

Once you have determined your personal Archangels and begin to work with them, you will find your connections stronger and clearer. To find other ways to increase the strength of your work with your special angels, check for my other articles on angels.

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