Why Public Relations Is basic To Any Sales And Marketing Company

Why Public Relations Is basic To Any Sales And Marketing Company

For some time, public relations has been viewed by executives as a soft discipline of questionable value to a companys bottom line. Recently, however, PRs reputation has received sustain from metrics being pressed upon every marketing initiative. They dont always understand there are a variety of steps required in gaining media attention, I have encountered at times a general without of clarity about how the things I do day-to-day connect to PR says Renee Deger, PR manager at Loyalty Lab in San Francisco.

Public relations is a strategic course of action used to develop a comprehensive communications plan to reach its target audience. The companys message is received by its audience using research-based strategies and tactics produced. It is basic that an effective public relations plan is in action for any sales and marketing company to reach its complete possible.

By starting with what PR practitioners call a S.W.O.T. examination, a companys strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats can be addressed. This research is necessary in order to establish future business avenues to analyze. Short and long term goals should also be noted to ensure a clear and logical message is being delivered.

A useful form used in the public relations course of action is the R.O.P.E. theory. The fundamentals research, objectives, planning, and evaluation are fully examined to develop an effective communications plan. These elements help guide the campaign.

Research is the first step in this strategic course of action, followed by setting realistic objectives, planning and execution, and finally evaluation of the campaign to tweak any areas in need of improvement. A companys target market is identified and located. Quantitative ( eg. surveys) and qualitative (eg. focus groups) research methods can, then, be conducted to later develop an effective strategy to best reach this audience. Who and where are your possible audience(s) and how are they reached. Whether it be TV, radio or print ads, every market has their own preference and it should be known prior to creating any tactical material.

For example, press releases market a companys involvement, success, or sets in an industry; consequently, welcoming more interviews from the media than its competitors. This is only one example of how public relations can save a company from making unprofitable business ventures. Every company can assistance from a more cost efficient approach to doing business.

additionally, strategic public relations can be basic when dealing with risk and crisis management. A companys reputation with the public can make or break future networking opportunities. With a strategic plan in place, touchy issues can be handled in a more delicate manner resulting in a more popular position for the company.

Al Maag, currently the chief communications officer at Phoenix-based electronic elements supplier Avnet, joined the company for his first tour of PR duty. His responsibilities fell under the communications heading, but the CEO at the time favored advertising and other disciplines that had a set budget and wide acceptance over the squishier practice of PR.

Nobody in our company talked to the press in those days, he tells Monster Contributing Writer, Kelly Shermach. Management didnt understand it, didnt appreciate it, didnt care. This wasnt just Maags impression. The CEO made it clear to him that PR didnt have a place on his priority list.

Maag convinced Avnets CEO that PR produced the need that its salespeople needed in addition as maintaining its public image and leverage with shareholders investments. Now, managers at Avnet know its their job, Maag says, to create good news that can be shared with the public. Most people believe journalism over advertising.

Effective public relations helps build stronger and mutually advantageous relationships with existing and future clients. Loyal clients are a companys most valuable asset and need to be carefully preserved. As noted in Monster Career Advice, with good PR, already managers struggling with small ad budgets can generate sales leads.

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