Why Shared WordPress Hosting Is the Best Option for New Blogs

Like most of the things choosing the right web hosting platform too is a difficult task, and it becomes more wearisome if youre a new entrant to online profession. Therere mainly three types of hosting platforms – Shared, VPS and Dedicated Server. Apart, you can have free hosting in addition but I wont recommend you to go for them, as they have meaningful limitations and issues, and you may confront some technical inconveniences later.

You, being a new blogger, I assume that you not have enough money to invest a huge amount in hosting your WordPress blogs. Also, your requirement is not such that you choose an expensive option – Dedicated or VPS, I highly recommend you to go for shared hosting.

In this article, Ill analyze various aspects that would advocate why shared WordPress hosting is the best option for new blogs.

The best web hosting platform for a new blogs

Technically, web hosting platforms can be divided in a number of different categories such as – Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller and Cloud. It can further be classified in Windows and Linux hosting. Linux is highly recommended for any WordPress hosting.

Out of several hosting platforms, shared hosting is the first choice for any new blogger whos planning to start a website. The reason is – it doesnt hit hard to your pocket, and the resources it offers are more than sufficient to meet all of your basic requirements. while, dedicated and VPS hosting options are expensive that may represent overkill for beginners like you. consequently, its highly recommended to use shared hosting platform when youre starting blogging. In future, if you need more server resources with rise in page traffic, you can upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting. There are a number of bloggers who started their Internet career with shared hosting but theyre now on VPS or dedicated server. Over a time when you feel your WordPress website is consuming excessive server resources, prior to shifting great number, optimize your website first. To speed up your website, you can optimize your database, clean up unused tables and get rid of plugins. If the problems exist already after doing all these things, its the time you can think for shifting of great number.

Following are the reasons why I recommend shared hosting for new blogs:

· At the beginning your website may not have heavy traffic.

· Shared hosting costs less than that of dedicated and VPS hosting.

· Most startups are easily handled by shared hosting.

Many people dont opt shared hosting because they believe that shared hosting affects search engine ranking of the website. But its a myth. Search engine ranking has nothing to do with the hosting platform.

The most reliable great number for WordPress

There are several web great number companies floating each offering amazing resources at low costs, but I suggest you to be wise enough while opting for great number for your WordPress website. There are several factors to consider on prior to go into into a web great number contract. For me, performance and round-the-clock technical sustain are two most important factors.

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