Why Use a Broker When Buying a Boat or Yacht

The buy of a canal is one of the biggest investments we all make throughout or life. When purchasing or selling a canal it always pays to consult the sets of an experienced Broker so they can guide you by the time of action and consequently avoid the many possible pitfalls which can rule to a very costly mistake.

  • specialized Yacht Brokers have access to additional resources which are not obtainable to the general public. Brokers also utilise complex multiple listing sets which saves time and money in narrowing the field of vessels which match a buyer’s requirements. Marine Queensland Accredited Brokers are also associated in specialized associations which provides a network to find boats which are not already on the market however, or that are not actively being marketed by their owners.
    The consequence: You, the buyer, receive a list of vessels to choose from which precisely meet your requirements, meaning no wasted time and money looking at unsuitable vessels.
  • A qualified Broker is highly experienced in sitting down with purchasers and detailing their exact requirements line by line, and then further assisting by supplying objective information based on the information provided. It really does pay dividends to have an expert third party talk to you regarding your requirements. Experienced Brokers have heard nearly every wish, and importantly have seen all the mistakes made by others.
    The consequence: You the buyer, receive a better understanding of what kind of canal fits your requirements, and the pros and cons associated with each kind of canal. The buyer also benefits from others mistakes.
  • Brokers are an enormous help when it comes time to negotiate the buy. There are myriads of negotiating factors to consider when purchasing a canal, including but not limited to: the buy price, finance, insurance, buy terms, settlement terms, and importantly any additional repair inclusions or exclusions which can pop up following the receipt of a survey.
    The consequence: Less stress and a smooth closing.
  • Brokers provide important local information on the different marine sets obtainable, such as mechanical, electrical, shipwright, painting, and surveying sets.
    The consequence: Assists in obtaining quality and cost efficient sets from trusted suppliers.
  • An experienced Broker will advise and assist a buyer throughout the due diligence phase of the buy. The Broker can also recommend excellent and reputable surveying sets if necessary, and importantly what level of survey should be considered. Brokers will also, where required, aid the buyer in going by and explaining the survey report.
    The consequence: A clearly defined survey report to ensure the buyer gets what they have paid for.
  • A Broker will ensure that the canal is clear of title prior to settlement and position the necessary Statutory Declaration. This is a vital step but one which is often skipped by private buyers.
    The consequence: A smooth closing and clear sailing for the buyer.
  • The Broker will help the buyer by the different financing and insurance options obtainable to them. There are many pitfalls to avoid when it comes to insuring your canal, with some types of vessels not being able to be insured at all, while others requiring a specialist offshore insurance company. Your Broker can offer independent and qualified insurance advice.
    The consequence: Long term financial and security delivering piece of mind to the buyer.
  • The legal aspects are a vital stage in the buy of any canal. specialized Brokers understand all the legal requirements for a buy such as: contracts; move of ownership; GST; import duties; foreign money; and foreign registrations. Also every Marine Queensland accredited brokerage must function a trust account to securely keep up your place until settlement.
    The consequence: A piece of mind buy.
  • Your Broker has access to various databases both public and private, both local and global, in order to assist in the search of the right canal to meet your requirements. If we don’t have the right match currently on our books, then we’ll search for it across Australia or offshore. We have searched and purchased the right canal for many satisfied clients. We have also assisted them in not only the buy but where necessary transport, importation and tax requirements.
    The consequence: The buyer gets the right canal at the right price, no matter where it is.
  • The Brokers at Great obstacle Reef Boat Sales understand that men and women often seek out different requirements from a canal, and at times the women’s needs are overlooked by their male partners when searching for a canal. We offer both male and female Brokers. This can be of great assistance to ensure all of associate’s requirements are taken care of. On top of this some women often feel more comfortable talking to a female broker about their requirements.
    The consequence: Ensures buyers whether male, female or a associate are comfortable, and have all their requirements taken care of.
  • Marine Queensland has an accreditation program which has been sanctioned and financed by the Queensland State Government in conjunction with Marine Queensland. The accreditation program has identified minimum standards and procedures for the way in which marine brokerage businesses are to be operated. These standards protect the interests of the boating public when purchasing or selling a canal. Always deal by an accredited brokerage when needing the sets of a marine broker.
    The consequence: Confidence and security.

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