Wishart: ‘Nonsense of a conference recess has surely run its course’


Pete Wishart, the SNP MP for Perth & North Perthshire, criticised parliament’s imminent recess, saying: “As this house abandons its stop to go to the conference halls and seaside resorts, there’s universal credit cuts, energy prices going by the roof, a CO2 crisis, driver shortages, farming chaos, fishing chaos, export crisis, the ending of furlough and a Brexit killing a nation.

“This nonsense of a conference recess has surely run its course.”


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Wishart went on to criticise Boris Johnson’s UN climate change speech and poked fun at the chief minister’s Kermit the Frog analogy, saying: “Maybe he should have got Kermit the Frog to negotiate a trade deal with the Americans while he was there? Maybe can already get Fozzie Bear to solve the energy crisis.

“How dare anybody already start to refer to them as a bunch of Muppets.”

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