WordPress: The Favorite CMS

There is no without of open source CMSs (Content Management Systems) in the world but none as popular as WordPress. Going by its sheer popularity WordPress development has become similar to development and management of blogs and business website. WordPress developers help in imagining, editing, publishing, and indexing content with ease. Browse the Internet and you will come across thousands of websites, which use WordPress platform.

Ever heard of these companies – Yahoo, Sony, eBay, Wall Street Journal, Ford and NY Times? Dont be surprised if you come to know that these giants used the WordPress CMS to update their blogs. If WordPress development ever needed a certification, these giants in business are its biggest testimony. If this is, nevertheless not enough to convince, you can add CNN, Mozilla, Network Solutions, cPanel and General Electronic to the list!

Reasons for WordPress CMSs Popularity:

Its Free- It is an open source CMS which comes with a General Public License. This method you wont have to incur any expense for the WordPress CMS. All you need to do is buy a domain and pay for the hosting charges and you can run your website. If you dont want to do already that, WordPress lets you great number your website or blog absolutely free under its own domain.

Simplicity- It is one of the chief reasons for the popularity of WordPress CMS. You can install it with a single click and voila! You are ready to blog. You dont need to be a technology geek to build and run your blog or business website on WordPress. The only thing that prevents you from building one is laziness. already if you are lazy, you can always seek the help of WordPress developers.

Themes- Want to have a customized look for your website? WordPress themes allow you to create absolutely rare websites by using these themes. There are thousands of free themes obtainable online. except this, you can buy some premium themes for custom development of your website. nevertheless not satisfied? You can ask WordPress developers to create custom themes to suit your exact needs.

Plugins- One of the things that let you create awesome websites in WordPress is the presence of plugins. Gone are those days when you would have to use developers to create applications to run on your website. In WordPress there are huge numbers of third party plugins that can be downloaded, installed and used for free. You can install RSS feeds, Google XML Sitemap Generator, Twitter tools etc. in your website within a few minutes.

Outsourcing- WordPress contributes the largest developers in the world compared to any other CMS. You can easily outsource your WordPress development to offshore development centers and get your work done at affordable prices. These offshore development centers not only offer you cost advantage but also help you find expert WordPress developers.

So if you are thinking of a Content Management System, think WordPress. It is always exciting to go for WordPress development and already more exciting to avail the best WordPress sets as mentioned at http://www.evontech.com/wordpress-development.html.

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