World Ventures Training Tips to Help You Succeed

World Ventures Training Tips to Help You Succeed

Success in your World Ventures home based business is something that eludes most reps who join the company. Thats also the case in many Network Marketing companies. Here are some World Ventures Training tips that if followed can save you months or years of hard lessons.

Most Network Marketing companies will tell you to create a list or 200 people you know and get after them. For myself that was not such a great marketing strategy. Most of the people that I knew well all had an employee mentality. They were happy working paycheck to paycheck and were in a comfort zone. already if I did manage to recruit one or two of them, it was a complete waste of time. Lots of others started to avoid me and my phone calls. Im not saying that trying to proportion a great opportunity with the people that you love is a bad idea, Im just saying that you should only target people who are successful already.

The best way to market your World Ventures business when you are just getting started is to buy some leads from a reputable rule source and use a prospecting system to present your home business. A rule is someone who found an online advertisement about starting a home based business and requested more information. Just be aware that about 80% of the people who do this are a complete waste of time and are not very serious about working from home.

Now that you have some leads, its time to start calling them. DO NOT just start making dials without having any idea what to say. This is what lots of new people do and they fail miserably. Thats why so many people say leads dont work. Let me ask you a question. If you just filled out a request online and got someone who called you back that started babbling about how great their company was and how great their comp plan was and you just had to join right now, would you be interested? Probably not.

Here is a very simple prospecting system that you and your team can use.

Talk Send Enroll

First you need to talk to people. If you are calling leads you need to go get the Dani Johnson Script Book. It is the best script book on the market and will keep you on track and asking the right questions. It comes with 2 audio CDs that walk you by the proper way of using it.

Then you need to send those people who that are interested to a simple presentation to show the business. It could be an online audio, online video, conference call etc.. I prefer using an online video so that I can get them in front of their computer and get the video started while I am nevertheless on the phone in step 1. Then I can call them back in 10 minutes or so and go right into step 3.

Then you call them back and enroll them. Now this is a lot harder than it sounds, but you need to have the posture throughout this whole course of action that you have an amazing opportunity and assume that they are going to join you. The script book has a follow up script that you can use to enroll. Then if they join your team you can use this same simple World Ventures Training system to get them making dials right away.

The biggest advice is not to over think it. This system works. 90% of this business is mental. You will get lots of tire kickers and people who are not qualified to be on your team. Thats ok, just move on. In this economy there are thousands of people every week looking for a way to make more money. Just get yourself around some great leaders on your team and go for the gold.

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